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  1. when building in orbit and choosing to dock from DIY kit does the original docking port the kit docked to disappear?
  2. i noticed that when using the DIY kits only material kits are required. Specialized parts are not is this normal whilst having global construction installed? (my main goal is to be able to make the DIY kits in-situ)
  3. so its ok to install Global Construction alongside MKS - there will be no conflicts?
  4. do the assembly lines work with MKS? or do you need Global Construction installed as well?
  5. with global construction and this mod - what part do you use to create the DIY kits in SITU? Specifically which part adds the "assembly line" functionality.
  6. hey guys - been gone a bit (I think a year ) what're we using nowadays for IN-SITU construction and 3d printing parts etc... last I checked MKS was working on its own thing and I was using extraplanetary launchpads for offworld and in space building. There's some kinda 'construction thing but you have to launch the box from kerbin? 3d printing I was using OSE workshop. Look forward to hearing back, thanks!
  7. so are there any workarounds for building in-SITU besides having to ship in the actual DIY kits from Kerbin? (besides patching EL - don't really want to mess with that since its going to be depreciated) does Orbital Construction yard still work or is that being depreciated as well?
  8. are we still using EL and Ground Construction to construct additional base parts in-SITU (just ground construction?) or we need to ship in the DIY kits? Been out for a bit just wonderin' what people are using nowadays.
  9. Is there a way to tell how many resources your producing? supplies,electricty, processing materials etc? There used to be a screen I could access that would tell me ex. producing 100 supplies per day, using 80 supplies per day +20 supplies positive flow of supplies etc.. can't seem to find this now. Am I missing something?
  10. hey guys long time MKS user however I've been away a bit.. I remember there use to be a screen that shows efficiency of each part or your base/station and also shows production values for what your producing etc. Has this screen been removed or replaced by anything, can't seem to find it. Thanks... I guess what I'm asking is, how do you know how much stuff your producing and how much electricity you are using?
  11. I think for Kerbin you want it to be 2868km.. also like the guy above said its pretty easy to geo sync your stuff with engineer. Your "orbital period" on stock settings should be 6d, you can easily get it to within .1 seconds just put a thrust limiter on your engine. Then once your sats are up there its easy to triangulate them as well... just change your orbital period -+ 10 minutes by burning pro or retro.. .and speed up time to position sats, when in position just burn opposite side to get your 6d orbital period again.
  12. its for farming -make a science lab with some extra fuel dock a lander to it - go to mun, minmus whatever... land, do some science, rendevous with lab drop off all experiments into lab then clean the modules - do it a few times 25-30 experiments then send it back to Kerbin.
  13. having an issue with 'flags' not appearing on big map under low-res scan in 23.5 - you guys have same problem or am i doing something wrong ?
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