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  1. I just built a biplane and added floats onto it. Looks kinda like this: Mine handles pretty nice and can fly real slow. Enjoy https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4TX0R4ykJ2yUjRlWjcxMzZyRFU
  2. Thanks! Been playing KSP for a few years now and it is still my favorite game! Hope to post more.
  3. Thanks! Wings are just for looks and to bump the engines out. Haha. And I used the nuke engines so I can just have all liquid fuel and not need oxidizer. It should have plenty for a Jool mission. That will be next.
  4. After every KSP update, I start a new career mode game. Currently I've built and flown my Duna Explorer mission. The ship below was built and launched to orbit over 3+ launches. Not shown is the unmanned refueling vessel and the crew transport vessel. This trip took 7 Kerbals to Duna. Left 3 in the science lab in orbit around Duna for science! Landed on Ike as well. And returned to Kerbin orbit, ready to refuel and go on the next mission. Wondering if I could take this to Jool.
  5. Here is my Apollo Style replica. 1st and 2nd stages get you up to altitude. 3rd stage gets Kerbin orbit and gets encounter with the Mun. I decouple 3rd stage so it crashes into the Mun. Not before detaching upper stage to turn around and dock with Munar Lander. Plenty of fuel to Land on Mun twice and return.
  6. Here it is. Take the asteroid for a flight around KSC. The plane is on the runway and the asteroid is parked off to the right in the grass in front of the hanger. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4TX0R4ykJ2yU2haUXVqaHg5cFU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Thanks Everyone! I ended up landing the asteroid close to KSC. Then created a specialized airplane to bring it back to the runway. I can't believe how well this flies! lol.
  8. Just made did this this morning and thought it was cool and wanted to share.