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  1. So this mod won't work with 1.04? Cause the Weld button isn't showing up in the stock toolbar for me
  2. You are amazing Ven! I love your work, that antenna looks amazing man! I would pay you to teach me how to model, texture, animate parts.
  3. That's what I had in mind while making these parts. I always thought they needed more pieces to go with the Structural I-Beams so I decided to try to make them myself.
  4. I've been working on these parts for about a week and have got them to a point that I'm feeling confident that people will like them. With a little inspiration and help from Ven of Ven's Stock Part Revamp I was able to make the textures for these parts look a lot better than in my first post. I'm going to continue to work on the parts and their textures but since this is the first mod I will be releasing I will need some information on what all I need to do before I release it. Such as, what type of license I am suppose to use, tips on how to make my post appealing, ect. So if you can help me out with that just let me know. Other than that just give me your opinion on how the parts are looking so far.... Update- Got the parts into the game, just got to work on the attachment nodes and maybe touch-up the textures, had to use the off-set tool to connect them like that. Might end up taking the bolts off of some of the parts, just need to decide which ones. Also my parts are attached to a stock I-Beam for reference, they are all the parts to the left of the stock I-Beam
  5. Thank you man I just could not think of something for S
  6. I'm making a parts pack that are going to go with the stock I-beams to make them connect at different angles more "flush". I want the acronym for the part pack to be B.I.T.S., but all I could think of was -Basic I-beam Technoogy- B.I.T. Can I get some ideas for names that fit the acronym B.I.T.S.? Here is a picture of the parts for reference, but no textures yet...
  7. This is my first time trying to release a mod and I just wanted to get my work out there so everyone can see the parts before they are finished. If you have any suggestions to make my parts or my post better, just leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as I can. 90 Degree Structural Bend-[WIP] 4-way Structural Joint-[WIP] And more to come......
  8. Yeah I was planing on making at least a 45 degree angle, an extended version of the 90 degree bend, and some cross-joints and some T-joints
  9. So I'm almost done making this part but I wanted to get some feedback and probably work on the texture a little bit more before I release it. I know it's not much but I plan on making a few different structural pieces, Got any ideas on what structural parts to make? Leave a comment and I'll reply back
  10. Just need a little help with removing the collision mesh. No matter what I do it always looks like the first picture in-game. I can't get the collision mesh to be hidden. What do I need to do to hide it?
  11. Using the "Set" button instead of typing it out mad it create a new Folder but it worked and I found it
  12. Not quite sure what you mean but If it's what I think then yes
  13. It says it went to MyNewPart but then nothing is in that folder
  14. So I've made this little structural part and I've run into a problem with Unity not wanting to export the file. I got the part tools to export it to .mu but when I try it doesn't end up in the folder it's suppose to go to? Any suggestions?