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  1. Yeah, performance in 1.1 is fantastic (I get about triple the framerate on my larger crafts, ~7 fps vs 30 fps in 1.1) and I think they have squashed a lot of older bugs. That being said, wheels are just a broken mess. All of my rovers from my 1.0.5 game in 1.1 turn towards each other, making it impossible to steer. They also drive in circles, so it looks like it flips the geometry of radial symmetry for upgraded save games. Also, you cannot repair broken wheels using an engineer. Then there is the landing gear. They are too weak, and very bouncy. I can't land ANY planes in t
  2. New to this mod, trying to figure out a flyby and return for an unmanned Eloo probe. I'm year 4, day 281 in my game and I'm running into some funny issues with the transfer tool - after entering my earliest departure and arrival times (year 4, day 281) I get this warning: Smallest delta-v value in plot (16.054 km/s) is greater than the maximum plottable delta-v in the options (10.00000 km/s). Set max plottable delta-v to new recommended value of 18 km/s? <NO> Maximum plottable delta-v has not been updated. Your plot may look funny or wrong. Are you telling me this
  3. Crzyrndm, thank you for your efforts in keeping B9's mod alive.
  4. deleted Figured out my issue was that I inadvertently tweaked my brake values to the lowest possible. Was a great mod! Seems to work great, except when it doesn't.
  5. Thats a really great video, one of the more ambitious exploration missions I've seen done in KSP. Also, one hell of a steep mountain! Actually, Squad should really move to procedural terrain, like they already are doing on the Mun. That way you can cram almost limitless amount of geometrical information into the game. I believe they are already doing that in Elite Dangerous.
  6. One question: any thoughts on adding a nuclear salt-water rocket? Its one of the few realistic near-term torch-ship class engines, aside from Orion. Interestingly, it was conceptualized by Robert Zubrin. info: Exhaust Velocity 78,480 m/s Specific Impulse 8,000 s Thrust 8,696,900 N Fuel Fission: Uranium Tetrabromide Reactor Gas Core Open-Cycle links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_salt-water_rocket http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/roc
  7. Great work! I was wondering if it would be possible to resurrect the Flight Recorder mod, by Benache. It allowed you to record data from specific sensors (like temp or barometer) at intervals throughout the mission - into .csv files for more accurate analysis and graphing using 3rd party apps and such. You could toggle them on/off. Really great mod - in fact, it still works! Partly - there are few issues, but the core functionality seems to be intact. Anyway, here is the thread for it: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/52403-0-21-1-Flight-Recorder It is creative commons CC BY SA
  8. This mod doesn't work for me. I get a little white square on the toolbar instead of a graphic, and when I open the window the window is blank (has a title - 'Select Focus'). However, I can't move the window and it acts as a shadow mask on other mods' windows that happen to overlap - ie, all other windows disappear when I click on them (MJ, KER, etc) unless they overlap the select focus window. Mods: MJ, KER, Distant Object, QuickSearch, iPeer clamps be gone, KAC. Running 1.0.4
  9. This happens to me with a stock game - on at least half of all my launches. And these are small, sub-100 part, 2.5m rockets with the launch clamps all within the pad itself. Sometimes they even shoot my rockets down before they get to orbit! Kind of like a SAM system.
  10. I've had this same issue starting in 1.0 (new game) and continuing through 1.04. Today I had a small rocket, launch clamps entirely within the pad, destroyed at ~6,000 meters due to a collision with a launch clamp that blew all of the rocket engines off of my rocket. Additionally, every. single. rocket. launch. goes up with orbital launch clamps. I have to actually go into the tracking station and trash them, otherwise they will orbit forever. Lastly, my launch clamps persist after a launch. I have to clean them up from the pad as well - they don't go away on their own, and I've heard they
  11. Hey guys, just FYI - I haven't forgotten about this project! I've been busy with finishing my thesis over the past few months (will be done in mid-June), and plan on resuming the project this summer once I have some free time again. Still have all my notes and my models in sketchup and Unity, so stay tuned awhile and the work will be forthcoming. Sorry for the wait. In the meantime, please post any suggestions, critiques, or screenshots of the model I've released so far! Would love to see how its being used.
  12. Wow. Um, this is quite the challenge. I made it but a fraction of the way around the Mun, but it took me about 2 months of playing KSP, so I gave up. This was my journey:
  13. I think the correct answer is your rocket needs MOAR fairings - specifically, a nice big fairing that goes around your capsule and hides the rocket engines, RCS units and everything else you have exposed. Also, like was posted previously, procedural fairings has an interstage fairing which you can use to hide your landing legs. Like so or like this.
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