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  1. Sorry for a dumb question, but I'm having a problem adding a comm station in RSS. I editied the RemoteTech_Settings.cfg file in the GameData/RealSolarSystem folder, adding another station with a new Guid and such. It didn't show up when I loaded the game. I checked if the brackets were all correct and such and it still didn't work. I even tried changing the data for one of the existing stations, and there was no change. (Like that file isn't even controlling what the stations are.) Is this a known problem with RSS/RO? Or is is just a different file that determines the stations and I missed it? (Sorry that this is a more RSS/RO oriented question, but RemoteTech seems to be the only thing having this kind of issue. (I was able to add more launch sites in RSS just fine.))
  2. I saw the edit thingy on the op saying there's a dev version for 1.2, but I can't find the download link. Or is there not one because it's super unstable and unplayable at the moment?
  3. Um, I downloaded and installed it on my 1.2 game (I have Kopernicus and modulemanager.), and the only planet around Cercani was Pequar (With no moons.) and it looked like this: Either it doesn't work in 1.2 or I really messed up the installation, which I'm pretty sure I didn't.
  4. So Kopernicus has been updated to 1.2: So when is this awesome mod gonna be updated?
  5. Just something I noticed, all of the links to the planet packs on the front page just take you to the KSP Forums front page. Looks like they aren't working.
  6. Link here: Just, woah. Looks EPIC.
  7. It worked! The plane I was using, the stock Dove spaceplane, it had a lot of thrust, and I kind of forgot to pitch down for the speed run until the RAPIER engine it had was loosing thrust. So I ended up switching to rockets at ~900 m/s at 31 km altitude. I got into an 81 - 83 km orbit just finely, but when I tried to reenter and land I had to use infinite fuel to deorbit. (Speaking of landing, I successfully landed it on my first try. I over shot KSC by a lot, but I landed on the island runway with my remaining jet fuel.)
  8. Hmm... I'll try using your method and tell you what happens. It's also worth noting that when I was using the outdated method I described in the first post, I was flying a ship I made which now that I think about it didn't have big enough wings or enough thrust,