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  1. I really, really hate to ask an obvious question, but can you/how do you change the weight of individual snacks...? By default my game is thinking they are each 1 tonne... Which is, er, slightly ridiculous. What's the default supposed to be?
  2. Apologies if this isn't the right way to say/report it, but I'm having some issues with Jool when installing it. All those 'rings' inside of it near the outside, along with a hazy but to me noticeable 'dot' thing near the center. I'm presuming I have something set incorrectly either in the default graphics options or something else, just asking here in case this is a known issue. Only happens with Jool, all the other planets work like a charm.
  3. ...This work with Windows 7? Downloaded and installed the MATLAB runtime, seemed to install just fine, then the TOT itself, and everytime I try to start the TOT exe, it only appears as a background process, not an application. So task manager says it's running in the processes tab, but nothing I do can make it appear as a window for me to actually, well, do stuff with it. Tried administrator, backwards compatibility modes, rebooting many, many times, nothing. Does the latest version not support Windows 7...? Only thing I can think of.
  4. Works with 1.9 once you do that, but the FPS absolutely implodes when it's on, whether in map view or not. Once you turn it off in it's openable settings menu it's completely fine, and I guess I can use it in short bursts to figure out aerobraking and such, but by all means it's annoying. Anyone else having this issue with performance?
  5. Sorry for a dumb question, but I'm having a problem adding a comm station in RSS. I editied the RemoteTech_Settings.cfg file in the GameData/RealSolarSystem folder, adding another station with a new Guid and such. It didn't show up when I loaded the game. I checked if the brackets were all correct and such and it still didn't work. I even tried changing the data for one of the existing stations, and there was no change. (Like that file isn't even controlling what the stations are.) Is this a known problem with RSS/RO? Or is is just a different file that determines the stations and I missed it?
  6. I saw the edit thingy on the op saying there's a dev version for 1.2, but I can't find the download link. Or is there not one because it's super unstable and unplayable at the moment?
  7. Um, I downloaded and installed it on my 1.2 game (I have Kopernicus and modulemanager.), and the only planet around Cercani was Pequar (With no moons.) and it looked like this: Either it doesn't work in 1.2 or I really messed up the installation, which I'm pretty sure I didn't.
  8. So Kopernicus has been updated to 1.2: So when is this awesome mod gonna be updated?
  9. Just something I noticed, all of the links to the planet packs on the front page just take you to the KSP Forums front page. Looks like they aren't working.
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