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  1. Thanks for the fix. I found a workaround of reloading OLDD from the debug console, but that was getting old.
  2. Managed to fix it by loading the game without the OLDD folder, then adding it back it when in-game and reloading all parts from the debug menu on the KSC main screen. Not sure why it's doing this, but this workaround seemed to fix the problem. EDIT: You'll need to do the above for every game start. This is bit annoying if the game crashes 1/2 way to the moon, as the reload will cause your mission to be deleted due to missing parts. @DennyTX, do you have any idea what's causing this bug / can you take a look? Btw, AMAZING mod otherwise!!! I'm a big fan of recreating historic missions and
  3. Hi.. I'm having a problem where crew and EVA reports, and all stock science experiments are not available with this mod installed. I've just started a new career mode and all science is available as per normal, but when I add the OLDD folder none of the experiments / reports are on the GUI. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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