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  1. My first Space Station, called "Space Station Alpha" (I'm so original, aren't I?). I plan to use it mainly as a refueling depot, starting with my first SSTO space-plane. Bob decided he wanted a quick selfie.
  2. Well considering the fact that this planet is said to be 10% more massive than Earth, I'd say the atmosphere is plenty thick!
  3. It indeed does look weird. You would think a moon that size wouldn't be so flawlessly shaped.
  4. I made my first fully orbital SSTO space-plane in KSP, and its amazing! It can just barely make it to orbit.
  5. Tried to make a SSTO space-plane, only got to just above 60,000M. It seemed the TWR was too low.
  6. Well I did watch a video of some guy redirecting a class E. He only used a single somewhat small craft. It did take a lot of time and delta V, but he redirected it regardless. I just think that compared to the size of real asteroids, a class E is pathetically small. I know that there are limitations, but I think it could be possible to redirect one twice the size, or a little under twice the size, using multiple craft. Obviously it would be borderline impossible to redirect an asteroid any bigger than about 35 meters, which is exactly why class F's would have to be significantly rare, and would be no bigger than 30 meters.
  7. I noticed that the biggest asteroid class in the game right now, is a class E. But these are only about 18 meters big. I was thinking if maybe there could be an Armageddon sized asteroid, or a class F, that would be about 50-100 meters, but would be rare. Of course, they would be very hard to redirect, due to size and mass. But who doesn't want massive end-of-the-world asteroids in ksp? What are your thoughts on this idea?