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  1. It won't let me. https://prnt.sc/qgnsbl https://prnt.sc/qgnsgo https://prnt.sc/qgnsl5 https://prnt.sc/qgnsqk Should I try or 1.1.10 since it's good for 1.8 https://prnt.sc/qgnt61
  2. Will this or an older version work on 1.7.3. Can you make it possible to extend the off time for someone that has been on a mission for yrs. Someone that has taken a trip to Jool should get more than 28 days.
  3. Ok I thought that was in the settings. When I click open ksp it opens the desktop version as I wanted.
  4. Ahhh. Ok then how would I get them to go to a desktop copy I use? Do I still need to keep the folder for the non extracted files? Is there a way to get ckan to not store them.
  5. https://prnt.sc/qf1zwe https://prnt.sc/qf20c8 https://prnt.sc/qf20mw https://prnt.sc/qf21fx
  6. How do you get ckan to extract the files. It doesn't and I have to send them somewhere else then extract them over. https://prnt.sc/qf01fq
  7. How insert a file and I have no output log. RT folder. Default settings. Never showed up to change them https://prnt.sc/qezygs https://prnt.sc/qezyjf ksp folder https://prnt.sc/qezz1u I bet it's simpler than that. What about not installed correctly. I installed the mods and loaded the game. Nothing worked. New clean install. Haven't played in 2 yrs.
  8. RT is not over riding stock system. I've run into this problem a long time ago but can't remember where the setting was to change that. https://prnt.sc/qdyg7y https://prnt.sc/qdygh2 https://prnt.sc/qdygkp
  9. Mods have module mgr inside their folder. Mods are hidden inside a subfolder inside subfolder. They don't update their links. Some links go to pages that no longer exist. Some to older versions. Check your links. Some mods have their op a complete mess. People don't want or can't read through your mumbo jumbo looking for a link. Read a few sentences about your mod. A few pics and download. A simple format would make things easier. DOWNLOAD Dependencies Optional to flesh out the experience Optional to add to forum. Or the format on this mod. However I still can't get i
  10. Confused about what? You need to be more specific. Which version is the mod good for. 1.3 or 1.4 If it tells you to it's good for 1.4 then it should work with 1.4. Not tell you to download 1.3. I tried it. It doesn't work for me. I can not get it to work. I completely removed everything. Added each mod on the page 1 by 1. IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME. What is wrong. I would be willing to share the screen and show exactly what I'm doing. As far as I know. Some of the mods required are specifically for scaling the system. What's wrong with putting them in to 1 folder to be downloaded
  11. I can't get this to work. Title says 1.4.5 yet it says So is it 1.4 or 1.3. I tried both 1.3 it says to use 1.4. I tried 1.4 and it doesn't work either. http://prntscr.com/loqgpi When it loading it was a small window. It had all the launch site icons but to small window. When I expanded to full screen the icons blacked out. I have all the mods and a few that have nothing to do with rss. http://prntscr.com/loqjbo
  12. Not just octo http://prntscr.com/lbjhma http://prntscr.com/lbjhxm http://prntscr.com/lbji58 http://prntscr.com/lbjj0y http://prntscr.com/lbjjaq @PART[probeCoreOcto_v2]:FOR[RemoteTech] { %MODULE[ModuleSPU] { } %MODULE[ModuleRTAntennaPassive] { %TechRequired = unmannedTech %OmniRange = 3000 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 15.0 } } } Edit. Reset settings Full reboot. Relaunched vehicle.
  13. Reloaded default settings. Still have direct control on probes.
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