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  1. So, I've never modded KSP before, but I really liked the yellow trucks. To try and get them back in KSP 1.2.1, I've hacked on the config files, and built something that actually works; albeit without the small yellow wheels. I simply removed the wheels from their housings, and created a 70% scale version of the stock TR-2L. Is it OK to distribute the resulting files?

    Alternatively, I could use git to create a patch file, which others could manually apply, in order to not redistribute others' work.

    Picture of resulting trucks; stock built-into-terrain version on left, modified physical version on right.

  2. Intersteller is awesome, and this is extra awesome. I really like the tidying-up of the parts that TweakScale allows for, this makes navigating the menus so much faster. Thanks for putting this together!

    One question* though; are the Thermal Rocket Nozzles significantly nerf'd as compared to the standard Interstellar values? The same ship designs I am familiar with launching with silly-high TWR are now of poor performance.

    Specifically: I slap together a 1.25m Antimatter Reactor with a generator on top, some radiators, and a thermal rocket on the bottom. Where I had TWR >10 before, I have ~0.3 now.

    * Sorry, have not read the full thread yet, I'm off to RTFM now, and I'll edit out my question when I find out.

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