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  1. Great little mod. Perfect for my Remote Teck network and launching 3 sats at once.
  2. Good post, and I agree. The contracts / missions do little for me. They are utterly arbitrary, which seems odd as the game has a tonne of history to follow e.g. the Apollo program. It would be like DCS releasing a flight sim of, say, the Apache Longbow, and the campaign had missions such as: Take off, and fly in circles. Destroy random tank. Land at another base. Fire 6 HellFires. Instead of a coherent, meaningful campaign such as one centred around Soviet / US programmes, SpaceX etc. Other than the campaign being arbitrary and the tech tree making zero sense, I have had a blast with this game and enjoyed hundreds of hours of gameplay, and also learned a lot. I'll be very happy when a more legit campaign evolves (such as the community developed ones)
  3. This works in .90.
  4. Yes, they do. It took me a while to figure this out, but in addition to a battery you need a solar panel as well. I'm surprised it got through QA, it was also an issue in the Fine Print mod.
  5. Not just you. The tech tree has never made sense and I have no idea why Squad hasn't addressed it. I was surprised they still have the manned pod before a probe as the simplest example. Vostok before Sputnik? Huh? I can build a machine to land on the moon but not invent the ladder or steel cube?
  6. +1. I play a lot of flight sims and this is a must have!
  7. Thanks authors, just bought you a beer for your hard and great work.
  8. I started playing a few weeks ago and am hooked. I have been playing the Community Campaign, and I'm starting fresh now I have some idea of what I am doing - I'm tracking it with screenshots in this topic, mainly for my own satisfaction. 1. Age of Rocketry 1.1 Solid Fuel Rocketry 1.2 Liquid Fuel Rocketry 1.3 K2 Rocket 2. Space Race 2.1 Sputnik 2.2 Yuri