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  1. I'm getting the 502 also, oh well no release yet, up a tree with me then. See you all on the other side when I get down.
  2. Land Ho!!! The HypeTrain is re-entering kerbin's atmosphere, the re-entry heat is lethal, luckily we are still in .90 so it's no big. But Moar Hype!!!! SoonTM!!!!
  3. OMG, We are the #1 HypeTrain!! Woooooooottttt!!! Moar Hype!!! SoonTM!!
  4. Holy Moly! 300 pages, here we come!!
  5. Well good night all, I hope I see that steam update when I wake up. Otherwise I will be joining you once I'm done working in a tree.
  6. You never know though, which is why we are all still here. Ill be up a tree all day tomorrow, so I hope either right now, or later tomorrow.
  7. Dang, everyone must have fallen asleep all at once! Oh, well. I guess it's time to pass it off to the other time zones. I wonder if the international rooms have their own HypeTrain?
  8. Did that this morning, I saved a seat for you also. You might want to sit down though, the G's are already approaching lethal levels. Moar Hype!!! SoonTM!!!
  9. You may have heat, but we are many!!! We shall blanket your ground with our uniqueness!!
  10. Yup, I've got that too. So that means I'm special? Yeah, I'm special!!! Moar Hype!!! SoonTM!!!
  11. wow, another 10 pages since my last post, maybe we will surpass 300 pages by release! Hype on Hypie McHyperton!
  12. we need 2 more votes and the article is at 5000!
  13. wellllllll..... about 70 pages today, I don't think we are going to beat 0.24's HypeTrain, but second is good!
  14. I always imagined the HypeTrain aerobreaking during reentry just before release, I can just imagine all those flames coming off the train just before release.
  15. It seems that the hype train has made a brief stop at 200 pages. We are still moving, but everybody is getting a small break from all those impossible Gs. The only problem is that nobody knows when we start back up again, better get back to your seats asap.
  16. I wonder who is going to get the legendary 1st post on both page 300, and release! Probably not me, because I'm playing ASAP!!
  17. I cant wait to try a nuke powered spaceplane. No oxidizer needed at all! I was always so upset that I had to add two different fuel tanks for nuclear spaceplanes, but not anymore! One other thing I have been thinking about since re-entry effects were announced, Is Eve going to be hot like Venus? I know the atmosphere is going to be like pea soup, but will stuff overheat faster too? Cant wait to find out!
  18. You, hear that crew? We have a hype prediction to meet! I know that you all have been going through some impossible G's, but were going to speed up a little if that is ok with everybody.
  19. Were so hyped up, Chuck Norris just got on board! OMG SOO MUCH MYPE!!!
  20. I wish i knew when they were releasing also. I would pull an all-nighter if I knew the game was coming out at midnight. Aint no party like a hype-train party, cus a hype-train party don't stop!!
  21. Hi guys! I'm recently unemployed (or self-employed, whatever), so I'm going to go pitch a tent in the corner and play starcraft until Monday. I already have gone up 37 ranks, two days to go? Sigh... *Pitches tent and puts out hype signs, seats, and snacks* HYPE ON!!
  22. I think my favorite feature in 1.0 is resources. Asteroids have kinda always been a favorite of mine, and with the addition of resources, mind blown by possibilities. I'm guessing that Harv's secret feature is clouds, if you noticed they did not show the atmosphere in any of the teaser videos. I think this is not coincidence.