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  1. Really!?!?! Nobody is going to take this one? FINE!!! I will do another challenge just because I want to see this game progress! Next challenge: Land on top of the administration building's Helipad!
  2. The only way I see this being even remotely possible is if somebody where to fly a rocket equipped with the claw to the mun, then suspended it from the moon arch. Also, where is your attempt OP?
  3. 1. yes (2) 2. yes (2) 3. yes (2) 4. All (24) 5. yes (10) 6. yes (16) In fact I have recovered several back to KSC. Even a D class. Bonus points? 7. TAC, Deadly Reentry, Remote Tech, FAR (16) 8. I play stock and modded, I have accomplished most of these on stock hard mode 0.25 (1.25) 9. I don't remember all of them (25) 98/20=4.9
  4. New challenge: dock two crafts from two launches in low minimus orbit. Edit: Sorry Jedi Master.
  5. Ahhhh, so I should probably shut those when I get to Duna or Eve huh?
  6. I have heard more than a few people mention closing their air intakes at some point during their ascent with a SSTO, but I can not figure out why. Do they create less drag when they are shut off?
  7. thanks everybody! I never seemed to have this problem before, so it was kinda confusing me that it was happening now. I got it figured out now. Wider gaps between the back wheels, and closer to the COM.
  8. New planes from new parts. I have made planes for circumnavigation challenges. All stock, no mods.
  9. I just starting playing the economic boom update, and every plane I put together rolls within a couple of seconds. Maybe 1 out of 10 don't roll. And it's not my COM, COT, & COL placement, the control surfaces on my wings just make me roll within a few seconds for some reason. Anybody else having this problem or know a fix?
  10. Zipmafia

    Choo Choo

    It will be soon. I have to pick my little girl up from preschool in an hour, and she is going to love watching me play with the kerbals. She loves hitting the staging button whenever I tell her it's time.
  11. How about this one? How is this challenge scored? If it is fastest speed check this out,!?highlight=machingbird.
  12. Fraserthorp, welcome to the forums! I personally love the challenges section the most, but you might want to start with the welcome aboard section. There are ALOT of naysayers, and sometimes its easier to post on somebody's thread, then to start your own and welcome the criticism.
  13. I really liked "White wings and red tape" and also "The plane plan" how about "Plane, boom, pow!"
  14. Ahhh, thats better. How about this for a stock entry? I bounced off the runway, but I did not crash. I would have had a better time if I had stayed on the runway, but this works.
  15. Ok, challenge accepted. Will this do? I think it would be scored like this: Cost of craft: 24,432 Bonuses: -33,500 Score: -9,068 Edit: Good job Mesklin, I love the return craft.
  16. IMGUR was giving me trouble, here is my entry. I crash landed. Edit: Just realized that this was with FAR, lets try again without.
  17. I totally agree. I was about to start one myself. Fly "Round the world" has a height cap, and is really old. The MarchingBird Challenge only measures top speed, not circumnavigation time. Thank you so much, those are my thoughts exactly, you might want to edit the OP though, it still has a altitude limit of 70,000m. I also really liked the categories on the two mentioned challenges, maybe have honorable mentions for fastest, single engine, single air intake, highest altitude, lowest altitude, etc. In any case I started my entry yesterday, and will finish today. So far it is going to blow every other time I have seen out of the water. I'm looking forward to someone beating it though. Edit: Just looked at Heagar's entry, that is comparable, you might have taken the cake with that one.
  18. Thank you so much, I was about to start this challenge myself! Please don't do this. All the other circumnavigation challenges had one and I though it was to restricting. I DO suggest making a rule that you have to circumnavigate the globe as close to the equator as possible, no polar short-cuts. You also might want to ban game exploits like kraken drives and infiniglide, depends on what you would prefer. I had a great entry, but I lost the pictures and save file. My new entry will be coming soon.
  19. Well here is my entry, I don't think I can go any faster without blowing up my computer. 1:50.
  20. Hello all, thanks for reading my thread. I have been playing KSP for a while now, and have been starting getting ahold of some of the advanced features. One thing I have been having problems with is posting videos. I understand that I am going to have to upload my video somewhere before I can share it, but where should I upload it? All the sites I seem to find aren't really orientated towards gamers, does anybody have a suggested site? Or is there a way to share it without uploading to a 3rd party site? P.S. If anybody is into modding, I would love some help getting started. I have played around with Game Maker Language, but C# is looking a little daunting. Any and all help is appreciated.
  21. Even parsed that doesn't make any sense. And what is with the title? I think the challenge is to do a stock speed run to moho. Maybe with a video to prove it? In any case I agree that you need to read the challenge submission guidelines. Where is your attempt?
  22. woah, calm it down naysayers. I agree with the comment about playing stock because i hate mods breaking with every update, so anything new is extremely exciting. Good job squad, keep it up!
  23. oooooo.... This thread has been waiting for me. Here we go. Way back in the 90's when hotmail started becoming a thing (at least for me) I realized that i had a chance to grab a really awesome one. I was able to nab "DragonMaster" Before anybody else! Then I forgot my password. I can't remember if they didn't have a good password recovery option, or I just didn't know how. But I was heart-broken. All the other cool names had been taken, so my brother decided to cheer me up by figuring out a new name. I didn't like any of his suggestions until he said "King of them all". Wham, taken. The only problem was that i couldn't use spaces (and didn't yet know about underscores). Kingofthemall. see anything wrong with that? So I settled with the title godmafia. Had a nice ring to it. But since then I kept getting hounded by religious fanatics for some reason or another. So when I got the job ziplining and became the in-house trainer, I realized I had a zip mafia. So I switched to Zipmafia, and have never looked back (until now).
  24. I'm no professional (carpenter at least) but a few things come to mind. As far as i know WD-40 just breaks down oxidation, it doesn't lube at all. Try some dry graphite (Garage door lube), or good old olive oil. It seems to me though that it might just be impossible to back out the screws, with the threads. I can't remember the name of the tool, but it is like an awl with a flat head used for stubborn or broken screws. Use a vice to wedge that thing against the stubborn screw, then turn until it pops out. A good friend and mentor once told me "If it is giving you trouble, yell at it", for some reason this works for both of us. Give it a try, don't be afraid of offending the screw.
  25. Bravo! Thanks a bunch, now I have no chance of beating the stock leaderboard:mad:. j/k. Guess I'm going to try to make some modded entries, I'm expecting you to blow them out of the water. Maybe a gyroscopic asteroid decelerator? Maybe ride the asteroid like out of Dr. Strangelove?