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  1. So there I was, futzin' around with battlemechs, bush planes, and antique woodworking machines, thinking I was well and truly done with KSP, and I really really mean it this time... when I heard a train whistle in the distance. It sounded very familiar. What's this? That almost sounded like... but no, it can't be... can it? I opened a window and told the dog to be quiet so I could listen. She ignored me, but I tried to listen anyway. hype a hype a hype a hype a hype a hype a hype a hype a hype a hype a hype a hype WHOOOOOOOO!!! By Jeb's sweaty green pits, that's the HYPE TRAIN! I thought the ol' girl must've been sold off for scrap metal, but nope that is abso-kerb-ilutely the HYPE TRAIN at full steam! I ran to the tracks, arrived just as the engine swept by, and waved at the passenger cars. Green painted people were going nuts in there. The caboose came into view too soon, and one guy leaned over the rail to shout "have you seen the trailer video!?" What video? I don't know nothing about no video. So I searched, and found, and watched, and was happy. Then I came here and wrote a silly post just for the sake of silly posting, and was happy some more.
  2. Haven't even downloaded 1.4 versions. I hear there's some different stuff. Maybe I'll consider upgrading after I get some ships to the outer planets and back.
  3. I'm thinking I might not update past 1.3.1 for a very long time. It took so long to get a collection of mods working together and configured for how I want to play... I haven't reached the end of the game by any means, but I believe I've reached the end of starting over. This install is remaining locked in the past until my Kerbals actually attain some of the larger goals I've sought for years.
  4. Well, I have to wonder if the mass concentrations were ever working correctly in the first place... and even if they were, I wonder how many players honestly will notice the difference with them gone. I've always turned off the n-body stuff, and never used the station keeping or predicted decay times. I imagine I'm not alone in this.
  5. @Starwaster, I think you might be a genius! It had been so long since I orbited anything other than Kerbin or the Mun, I dind't even have a valid savefile, so I created one to test and indeed, the bug only presented above Kerbin or the Mun; not elsewhere. I installed your edited MasCon config, launched a new satellite, did the same testing steps as before... and the problem is fixed! I love simple fixes, even when they take a while to figure out. You rock. This mod appears to be saved. Happiness all around.
  6. Okay, next time I'm at my PC I'll double check the bug still happens and send the persistent file to you. It's an early career mode game, with only one satellite orbiting Kerbin. But as mentioned previously... 1.3.1 and a crapton of mods. Edit: As promised: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yybbocl37ughy8w/AAD0l8gUQtmQdpPvI8uhYMHNa?dl=0 I downloaded a fresh copy of ZAJC3W's version linked above, installed as usual, and checked that the mod seemed to install okay. The lone satellite was still at LAN=0. I hyperedited that satellite back into its original orbit of LAN = 263.26, exited to the space center, fast forwarded the clock a few hours, and checked the satellite. LAN = 0. I made no other changes, and exited the game. I sincerely hope this helps.
  7. Using this mod sets all my crafts' LAN to zero, 100% of the time. I'm not sure when this started happening, but the mod is now unusable for me. The problem is, I'm not sure how helpful I can be in giving reproduction steps, since I'm still running 1.3.1 in a ridiculously heavily modded install with a lot of custom edits. But I can certainly test anybody's changes to see if they fix the LAN bug in particular. Testing station keeping though... honestly, I don't think I've ever even tried to use that function, so don't know what it's supposed to look like. Edit: @Maeyanie, At first glance, your changes appear to have slightly increased my framerate, but the LAN=0 bug remains.
  8. Bows his head and mumbles a prayer of consolation, and gratitude for a lifetime of service.
  9. I'm pretty much in the same boat. I can get a simple project done if it comes with step-by-step instructions... looked at this one last night and couldn't figure it out.
  10. It worked for one or two updates, but not very well. Last I checked, even the far-superior headtracking mod is inop.
  11. I just had a great BARIS moment! A simple commsat launch, using a new upper stage design. The upper stage has a cluster of three hydrolox engines, and is meant to place the payload in the desired orbit, with just enough dV left to deorbit the stage afterward. Simple. So the launch goes smoothly, all the way to carefully adjusting the final orbit. With the payload activated and happy, I stage once to decouple the upper stage, then RCS backwards and turn a bit as an avoidance maneuver. The upper stage moves about 25 meters away from the commsat... and sudden chaos ensues! All three hydrolox engines fail at the same instant, in three different ways. Engine one is dead and unresponsive. Engine two just explodes. Engine three is suddenly stuck on at full throttle. The upper stage immediately begins tumbling wildly out of control, spiraling violently around, mere spitting distance from the fragile commsat. I watch helplessly, cackling like a maniac, for the half a minute it takes for the upper stage to pirouette and slalom around the commsat until the fuel is finally exhausted, and it's left drifting away in a more or less harmless direction. I need to have a word with my engineers about the engines in that upper stage. I foresee some test bench time and further testing in the very near future. I love this mod!
  12. I find the increased chance of failure at a staging event very satisfying. Possibly the best single feature of the mod. But the catastrophic failure — where my entire vehicle simply vanishes into an implausibly tiny puff of smoke, no boom, no fireball, no debris, nothing — really isn't very satisfying. Might there be a way to keep the staging failures, but disable the catastrophic failures? I'm thinking that if a central fuel tank detonates, the launch will be very satisfyingly catastrophic anyway.
  13. @reviest I started using KCT after seeing how nicely it works with this mod. You don't appear to be doing anything wrong. The integration features of BARIS are disabled whenever KCT is installed, since it would be kind of redundant. Just build the vehicle with KCT's system, and BARIS will update the reliability.
  14. These fairings would look even more awesome with those new-fangled PBR shaders.
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