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  1. Here is my cargo carrier and statoin in a low orbit over ecumenopolis. I thought it looked rather good.
  2. Here are my interplanetary cargo fully stock SSTOs. I have two but this is my first. It has 594 parts, and can carry a small space station anwhere in the kerbol system Here is a video of it delivering its cargo to duna orbit: Unfortunately, this SSTO didn't carry nearly enough ccargo to be impressive for me so I decided to start work on one which can carry a large section of a huge space station to anywhere in the kerbin system. I can put out more pictures when I get them later.
  3. I would love to share my ships with you for the series, I just don't know if they would fit in in a modded cinimatic.
  4. Here is what I have been working on. I got back into ksp over the last summer, and produced this video series documenting some of my crafts.
  5. Hey, it's me Michael, AKA Abraxsas on the forums and I was wondering if we could collaborate on a KSP war series. I have a few ideas in mind for what could be a story arc and i've started planning out a trailer but nothing is final yet. I've been thinking about starting a KSP war series for a while now and I think involving each other in it would be great. 

    One idea that I had would be a split storyline between two factions reminiscent towards Titanfall 1's "campaign" which told a story of militia, rebel uprising against united control by the IMC. This series would have a more space naval combat focus with a indirect level of storytelling without the titans. It would be like a mashup of Titanfall and Macey Dean's Spiritwolf series maybe in lack of a better example.
    I was thinking that the series would initially live on your channel and maybe come to mine or vice versa depending on how much you want to commit to this series. I would imagine that this series would bring diversity in your channel's content and also increase viewership so that's a plus. 
    I'm willing to do a large portion of the editing seeing as though I have a lot of free time on my hands for the next few months and I would be completely comfortable letting you decide plot points or whatever. Admiral, Captain, Brigadier General, Major, duke, Prince of Emperors, Jeb wants to invade the Jool system because he thinks that Vall looks like a giant asteroid plushy is fine.
    I'm not completely sure if we should use Hyper-Edit in the series. If we wanted to tell a more cinematic story or if we want to be lazy, the people whatever, whenever, used a jump drive to go invade Duna because the kartians took all the snacks or whatever. 
    A concern about ship content had come to me but we both have in my opinion a large number of designed ships so that wouldn't be much of a problem, but there is a clash in style from mine to your ships. Mainly being in that your ships have large wings sometimes pointing down and away from the craft making it look like a lambda shape or whatever. I think just a slight redesign would make your ship's combat effective and still look up to par with mine. (not to say that they look bad)
    Let me know if you are at all interested in doing anything like this and i'll be in touch. 
    (Tried to Email you but you're email bounced it back..)
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    2. 8bitgammers


      sorry it's been a while. this seems like a good idea. I have a bit of free time ahead so this is possible. by the way, i have no idea why my email didn't work.

    3. Abraxsas


      Yeah its ok, starting up KP2 with @ZooNamedGames so thats gonna be great...

    4. ZooNamedGames


      Actually it's kicked up more dirt than I expected as my old RP group apparently found it. 

  6. here is the video for your car review Abraxas! I hope you enjoy, I review your jeep and that should be out soon.
  7. this seems cool. I'll definitely get to it soon. Also, for some reason I cannot load these crafts. I saved them as craft files, but it says that they have invalid parts when I attempt to load them. If it wasn't for that reason, I would have more videos out.
  8. I'll take a look at these soon! here is my previous review on a different craft:
  9. I finished the review. I'll get to the other craft over the weekend. Enjoy!
  10. Ok sorry about the messed up upload yesterday, this is the actual thing:
  11. here is the review of this craft. it was very affective.
  12. here is your review! the ship worked well, and I was surprised at how well the armor held up.
  13. doing your craft next! they are the only ones that work sadly. I'll look into those soon.