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  1. here is the video for your car review Abraxas! I hope you enjoy, I review your jeep and that should be out soon.
  2. this seems cool. I'll definitely get to it soon. Also, for some reason I cannot load these crafts. I saved them as craft files, but it says that they have invalid parts when I attempt to load them. If it wasn't for that reason, I would have more videos out.
  3. I'll take a look at these soon! here is my previous review on a different craft:
  4. I finished the review. I'll get to the other craft over the weekend. Enjoy!
  5. Ok sorry about the messed up upload yesterday, this is the actual thing:
  6. here is the review of this craft. it was very affective.
  7. here is your review! the ship worked well, and I was surprised at how well the armor held up.
  8. doing your craft next! they are the only ones that work sadly. I'll look into those soon.
  9. I have ben having trouble with a few of the craft files sent to me. So, I may only do a few crafts today. just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is submitting there crafts, and apologies if I can't get to them all. Also, some of the crafts being sent to me are aesthetic crafts, and I really don't know how to judge them because they don't really have a function. I am not going to change the rules though, I'll review anything that has a purpose.
  10. I'll do all these craft plus one more today. It's going to be a lot of work, but I think I can do it. also, If I get these all done I might re-review alphasus's craft so thats 6 craft in total. Get ready guys!
  11. don't worry about descriptions, not many people use them.
  12. tested your craft, it's great and does it's job fine. one thing i would suggest is adding more fuel, but it's not really needed. here is the vid.
  13. it was the weirdest thing. I tried multiple things to try and get it to take off, but when ever it reached 30m/s it would do a nose dive and then stop.
  14. here is the review for your craft! I really liked it. I'm sad that it lagged my computer so bad.
  15. Here is the review of your Monitor replica. I wanted to do a review on your Pre-ww1 plane, but It didn't come out too well, and I don't think I had much to say about it. It needed the gravity to be turned off to fly, so I guess it is more of a decorative craft, and not really my specialty. sorry about that, if you have any other craft, I will gladly review them later.
  16. Oh, I had just assumed you were using a mod or something, I'll download a different one of your crafts for tomorrow's episodes.
  17. I have tried to do reviews on your crafts, but they come up as having invalid parts. I don't know why?
  18. WOW! that is first thing tomorrow! I can't wait! that is if no one else posts after you. Like you said, I should give other people a chance first.