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  1. Thnks, i'll try manually adding the state of the facilities to 0 and try if this fix in the meantime. edit. I followed the advise of this tread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/103662-0-90-Career-Buildings-fully-upgraded-in-both-32bit-and-64bit-versions%21 and i resolve it. I founded already that fix but i prioritized fixing Science Alert. It's related to KK and Kerbinside. Fixed that i toke 2 birds with a stone. I can confirm that it's fixed.
  2. #409 in this 3d. Pastebin can't handle the paste so i had to use puu.sh to upload it. http://puu.sh/e1PfN/491c00be5c.log The more i am without it the more i realize that this mod is essential.
  3. ok, tried also the first 0.90 nothing, do u have any idea about what is the problem? I don't undestand from the log where the problem is
  4. Pastebin was angry with me. I had to use Puush http://puu.sh/e1PfN/491c00be5c.log the version is not updated since i tried with the .3 same results with .4
  5. i'm having this weird problem in witch SA is not loaded in game. i'm not the only one (friend of mine has the same problem) how can we help you in helping us resolve that? what do u need? Edit. i'm trying now with the old version as you can see the poor jebediah is still baffled by the fact that there is nowere to be found the ScienceAlert indicator no trace of the button with both .3 and .4 versions of SA
  6. do you mean the same thing that b9 did 2 weeks ago, to change the image files?
  7. I've checked the settings and the config files but at the moment there is no way to change the right click with anything else (like the left one). This could be handy if u have a laptop and you play on the go without a mouse (because most of the times i don't have a proper desk) Could be possible to have a little more control on this subject? I even tried to set up the mouse buttons for something else but it's not possible at the moment.
  8. Thanks very much! i'll try it out and update you if i found some problems.
  9. I do confirm Xobotun on x32 on 24.2. No issues
  10. I can report that after extensive use on x32 i do not had a single problem and all the features are working as intended.
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