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  1. Using Trajectories v2.3.4 with kOS v1.2.1.0 in KSP 1.10 setting the trajectories target with addons:tr:settarget(geocoordinates) always sets the target to a geoposition on kerbin. for example, addons:tr:settarget(mun:geopositionlatlng(45,75)) will set the target on kerbin at those coordinates. Am i missing something?
  2. I'm just going to drop a thank you to the devs for keeping this mod going. I love love love KoS.
  3. Looks like I just needed a break. Looking at it today the answer became obvious to me. When i changed it into a function i did a find/replace on all SET to LOCAL... the pos0 variable inside the if/else statements was getting set local to that scope, separate from the pos0 variable which was local to the main scope of the function. I guess when i was testing it I didnt notice that it was always messing up when moving away from the ascending node.
  4. Maybe someone can point out what i am missing.. I have a function to return a list of arguments to create a node to match inclination with a target: function inc_match{ DECLARE parameter tg. local myNorm to vcrs(ship:up:vector,ship:velocity:orbit). local tgNorm to vcrs(tg:up:vector,tg:velocity:orbit). local point to vcrs(myNorm,tgNorm). local pos0 is vang(ship:up:vector,point). local oldAngle to vang(ship:up:vector,point). wait 1. if oldAngle < vang(ship:up:vector,point) { local pos0 to 360 - vang(ship:up:vector,point). } else { local pos0 to vang(s
  5. If you have a module with a node that takes a comma separated list of values and want to add to that list... is there a way to APPEND values to a nodes existing values? MODULE { name = Blah foo = bar, bar2, bar3 } and lets say I would like to use a MM cfg to add "bar4" to that list: MODULE { name = Blah foo = bar, bar2, bar3, bar4 } if it was only one part, I would just do "@foo = bar, bar2, bar3, bar4". but I'm dealing with multiple parts that have differing values to which i would like to append "bar4"
  6. First, I love this. Thanks for making and sharing. One suggestion: It would be nice to have a button to recover/fill all the tanks of a given resource. So If you have multiple tanks you don't have to scroll down clicking them all to recover your resources, you can just "recover all". Great mod!
  7. It should adjust the water volumes of all partsnproperly regardless of which mod they're from. I use a bunch of mods too. It won't adjust any existing craft of course. Just craft built after adding this config.
  8. It's the KESA config with some adjustments.. so its making interstellar use Tac Water as a resource instead of lqdWater. Then the additions I made convert TAC water to use litres as a unit instead of the current unit of one kerbal's water consumption in one day. I did this so the amounts make sense to the interstellar parts that consume water.
  9. I believe the correct syntax for this line is: @MODULE[FNModuleResourceExtraction],*:HAS[#resourceName[LqdWater]] There is also the issue of interstellar lqdWater amounts are in litres, whereas TACLS uses a unit equal to one kerbal's consumption per day. So I made an assumption that a kerabal would use 10 litres/day. At the top of the config I added some lines to change the densities and amounts of Water and wasteWater to be quantized in litres before changing lqdWater occurrences to Water: // First adjust TAC water amounts to be litres instead of days per kerbal @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[W
  10. Well, as it was released under the GNU GPL I'm thinking this will be ok: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B82EGaR6GNXeRVFqMVpvN19sNlk/edit?usp=sharing
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