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  1. These look great. Could you add an option to make them flash? Perhaps we could also set the on/off timings?
  2. This still has uses, despite the 1.0.4 fuel drain. Please update.
  3. RCS-Build Aid is fairly awesome. I used to use it often. You are right in that as I start to run out of fuel my balance will change, too, however it should remain good until at least one tank runs dry PWB Fuel Balancer doesn't seem to be updated and I haven't noticed anything else like it.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I can confirm that the problem is that despite overall balance being okay, the position of all the lift points is close to or behind the CoM as TheMoonRover was suggesting. Adding these small canards and re-balancing solved the problem.
  5. Even with minimal pitch inputs, at speed it will flip over almost without warning. I've noticed this behavior a lot in varying degrees lately but can't figure out why it happens to some designs and not others with similar CoM/CoL. Can someone please explain how to make sure spaceplanes behave with the new aero?
  6. These are some wicked parts. Needs maintaining!
  7. No.. but.. I kind of feel like that's a sub-standard solution. haha. If there's no way I, as a user, can modify the grip, then if you can do it somehow/time that would be appreciated I think by a few people
  8. That's what I keep saying! Been at it again with the articulated rover bodies. Managed a more compact design with the same features (rocker suspension, articulated chassis, raising/lowering cockpit for access) ..Watching these rovers morph and mould to the terrain as you drive is really pretty cool. And is it possible to increase the grip the wheels have in the cfg or something? I feel they're a bit too slippery.
  9. That's wicked. I'll download the new one now. I'm glad I could help muster enough interest in your project again for a brief while.
  10. Oh damn! So THAT'S What's causing those shadows! Thanks! Been drivin' me nuts. Yarr! I'll try removing it for sure. Thank-you for the trouble! Edit: that was the one! nailed it first time. Have a cookie!
  11. Hi. I had this mod suggested to me to extend ScanSAT usability but it doesn't seem to fully work for me when trying to view anomalies. Example: Does anyone know of any mod incompatibilities or anything that MIGHT be getting in the way on this list? 000_Toolbar ActiveTextureManagement AdvancedAnimator AviationLights BahamutoD BahaSP BoulderCo DeadlyReentry DMagic Orbital Science EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements EVAPowerPack Firespitter HabitatPack Hyomoto JSI KAS KerbalJointReinforcement Klockheed_Martian KronalUtils KSO MagicSmokeIndustries MapResourceOverlay MarkIVSystem ModuleManager.2.5.1.dll NASAmission OLDD PartCatalog PlanetShine ProceduralDynamics ProceduralFairings PWBFuelBalancer RCSBuildAid RetroFuture RKMk2 RollKage 1.1 RoutineMissionManager SCANsat SelectRoot SmokeScreen Squad ToadicusTools toolbar-settings.dat Trajectories TriggerTech TweakScale VOID I have a few. Heh.
  12. Doublepost because this pack is so awesome.
  13. Unlikely. I can't even make a TweakScale .cfg for the wheels. Could I convince you to update the pack by collating the two, adding an extra node and fixing this long-standing problem?
  14. Been using it since it came out (with a long hiatus). I became obsessed with large, articulated rovers because of this pack. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5sgjgctgf8lsva0/AAC2U-Vg281ZEhEasisdI3RVa?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/275g9frxniqccmb/AADdUT0-_83x9fi8dYRvpl9ka?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9f1tdsj6trb3r9c/AABSPLZ9Koe5z0xw4RRoltbSa?dl=0 It's so easy to build big rovers with these parts. I keep trying to make a small one.. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/55v6lb3h0m3lf7r/AAAJ6mwgU0yB3gxe2xq9C-25a?dl=0 I wish the RollKages had an attachment node on the rear as they do top and bottom.
  15. Thanks for the MapResourceOverlay, but it seems incompatible with 0.25 and doesn't display the anomalies map. Also how do I change which structure is targeted in the instruments window?
  16. When you have an anomaly discovered using a satellite and then equip a BTDT scanner, turn it on and open the scanners window, how do you switch between detected targets? I'm trying to figure out how to use it to pinpoint detected targets at KSC before sending probes off.. Also can anomaly locations be displayed on the [game] map or as targets or something somehow, or do you have to try to translate the ScanSAT map onto the ground manually to figure out where to land?
  17. Hooray! This pack needs updates! (It's very awesome)
  18. Hi! These are from a long while ago and I'd love to know if anyone can remember what they were called or knows if they're still around. Please see the tubular cockpit surrounds in these screenshots. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9f1tdsj6trb3r9c/AABSPLZ9Koe5z0xw4RRoltbSa?dl=0
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