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  1. I think I get the idea here.. Same as DavonSupply except instead of the hub and a mystical supply ship you never see, your own created supply ship will appear docked to your station. Pretty close considering constraints to the suggestions. I reckon I'll try this out soon.
  2. That's what I get for not reading. I'll check it out.
  3. I used this when it was first made a long time ago. I commented at that time that having an actual ship - either of your own creation or not - spawn and do an approach and docking would be super-duper awesome instead of having the resources just appear. My comment was in relation to that.
  4. Again, perhaps we should be pestering DYJ to add an airbrake-as-rudder feature to pWing?
  5. Hello readers! As the title heavily implies - dynamic textures! Specifically regarding heat shields. To wit, char or scorch textures applied to the heated surfaces of your craft during re-entry. Given the many very, very fine visual enhancement mods around, I often find myself disappointed after watching a fiery atmospheric entry where my craft is completely engulfed in plasma to find it still looking pristine after it emerges from the inferno. ...These things get RUINED! Does any talented modder think this is possible?
  6. That's Okay, I decided I don't like FAR overall and removed it again. D: The flaps do indeed deploy in stages, though. Aside, I personally really appreciate mesh switches, resource swapping and texture changing through the tweakable system as you mentioned. Less parts in the parts list is a GoodThing.
  7. Wait, what? FAR has flaps/spoilers on pControl surfaces? Hookay. So I just settled an internal debate and installed FAR. I assume that's where the changes come from... Perhaps this just requires a few models? Can't wait to see your new parts, regardless.
  8. Well, you are making really nice parts, so.. I have to ask about another part I've never seen. Flaps! With an appropriate plugin to increase lift and drag, I've always wanted flaps and slats of various types. Trailing-edge flaps, split flaps and leading edge slats! Maybe I should be asking DYJ to add a flap mode to the standard pWing control surfaces instead.. Control surfaces are pretty much standard trailing-edge flaps.. and your airbrakes are almost split flaps.. Honestly I also really want some split surfaces that can be used as yaw control such as the B-2 has. Food for thought.
  9. My take on a UAV. Also I have a part request. You have a fuel tank adapter piece that is s-shaped that connects round to square. Can we have a piece the same shape that is square at both ends? I like the odd shape and want to use it more often, but having to adapt back to a square at one end can often look a bit weird.
  10. I have a request suggestion for a new part: Radially-attachable aerodynamic fuel tanks. Think teardrop-shaped, or whatever would suit the rest of the parts - But low-profile, structural-looking bubbles.. If you know what I mean. Edit: Like a fuel drop-tank cut in half lengthways stuck on the side.
  11. Doublepost, but this mod needs attention. Please can work continue on it? I'd <3 to see the little bugs fixed, and I think it desperately needs an addition whereby something to the effect that all engines still receive the fuel they need while balancing. When fuel gets low but all tanks have some fuel in them, engines sputter an die even though overall you might have enough fuel to keep going a bit longer. This would also enable more design freedom! Please OP, don't leave us hangin'!
  12. Thanks. I just noticed. It's weird because they worked when I made the post originally. Should be fixed.
  13. When i figure out cool ways to put these parts together, they look fantastic! This actually reminds me of the Buccaneer in overall shape from certain angles.
  14. More CSV info! Yeah! Are fields customizable? And in case I missed it, is the HUD/Advanced HUD customizable?
  15. I had a flipping problem, yes. Stock drag model. I added some speedbrakes to the top end to deploy for stabilization on entry. Made this as an excuse to use this part. My it's large. I appreciate you made it to scale, but do you think you'd mind making it TweakScale-able?
  16. Still no actual resource ship? That's sad. Good to see this being updated though!
  17. Yeah pretty much. I have pWing installed but I don't use it often; I find it a bit weird. I remember only seeing one mod ages ago with a strake part so I thought I'd suggest it. pWing is probably a superior solution though.
  18. May I humbly suggest a new part? The aerodynamic strake. for eg: Also, are these parts DeadlyRe-entry compatible? If not, they should be
  19. Disappointing about the SmokeScreen mach cone. I was wondering about that, too. Grabbing the new parts. EDIT: I see you made a new scheme! Sweet as. I assume extracting the zip will replace all the textures permanently? Could I maybe suggest making textures swappable via tweakables like some others do? I like the black, too!
  20. Awesome! I can't wait! I found just now that by rotating the root part it causes the lift vector to act funky. Not sure if there may be other causes. And oh, I think I maybe found a few bugs with the nosewheel gear part. I think maybe they aren't locking/unlocking steering quite correctly from the SPH tweakables menu, or when switching to the flight scene.. or something. I'll investigate it further if you're interested.. Just throwing it out there for now.
  21. Ah I saved over it by accident. Funny enough I saw it happen on a friends' computer earlier. He doesn't have pWings and the only part from RF was an Anywhere Cockpit. The lift vector started doing wacky things. So.. could be something else entirely. *IT IS A MYSTERY* BTW can we have some 4m fuel tanks, please? And TweakScale compatibility would be great. It's so handy to adjust landing gear, especially!
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