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  1. ..And getting to orbit and back was uphill both ways! Get your humor sensor cleaned out. I think it\'s malfunctioning.
  2. I don\'t know about the OP, but I think most people have done this quite accidentally. And it\'s been quite frustrating.
  3. SmiteZero


    Q: Why do ducks have webbed feet? A: For stamping out forest fires.
  4. Fat-bottomed girls make the rockin\' world go \'round.
  5. Looks cool enough. Looks sturdy.. and oddly heavy.
  6. Previous attempt saw the lander descent stage run out of fuel halfway through deceleration. Popped the interlock and started on the ascent fuel. Coming in REALLY hot using only RCS thrusters for braking (ran out of ascent fuel, too), moving fast, skimming the ground. Suddenly an explosion and the ascent engine has disapeared! The LEM is now skidding across the surface at 200m/s, sparks flying. BOOM! The ascent tank gets ripped off and explodes behind. The mess of a mission continues it\'s hellish joyride across the dirt. BOOM! The RCS tank gets stripped off. BOOM! The last decoupler becomes unhinged, parts company and explodes as well. The capsule continues skidding scross the dirt for another hundred meters or so and eventually comes to rest. Things are still exploding. It was awesome. After the dust settled I remembered I wasn\'t recording. :\'( So, okay. Nova\'s lander tank doesn\'t pack enough juice to slow down from a low orbit. Hell with it, I\'ll use everything I brought with me next time:
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