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  1. Can anyone tell me why my lift vector is inverted? As you can see the craft is made of RF parts and pWings which is why I'm asking you guys.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/45jo786a8kwcl3e/screenshot0.png?dl=0
  2. Is it possible to make these compatible with TweakScale? Also please can we get an alternate colour scheme (or two)? These are pretty nice. I like wobbly bits.
  3. I havn't noticed this drop time option.. Sound's handy. I'll keep a look out. ..Oh duh. It's a tweakable on the bomb.
  4. Ah, thanks! It needs a .25 update right now though. I'll keep watching for it.
  5. Is there somewhere a list of configs people have made for different things?
  6. This needs a .25 update, OP! Now with the SP+ plus extra parts as part of the default install..
  7. Thank-you. I'm not around much. What's KAX?
  8. Thanks! Is there a way to define the order in which rails/missiles fire from the control box? Missiles stacked behind each other keep firing the back one first and boom. hehe.
  9. ^ Thanks for listing the correct install path. The instructions on where to place the directory in the OP are confusing. That's about the only folder I hadn't tried yet. And thanks for the cfg update, too.
  10. Aircraft wheels! I only have FS. Does anyone know where else to get some nice ones? Having a variety of differently-shaped gears + tweakscale is the BEST.
  11. <3 Snakeyes Question though.. How does one fire the Vulcan (Hidden)? With it selected, the system armed and pressing the fire action group doesn't seem to work. Do I need to carry an ammo box or something?
  12. Yeah. I assume because it's just detecting multiple keypresses because the key is being held down for longer than the hardware repeat time.
  13. I noticed that while active, if it enters a condition where it cannot balance it remains stuck in that condition and never resumes balancing. You have to disable and re-enable the balance option to make it work again.
  14. Cool. The text needs to be the same in-flight as well as in the editor. An option to do both and an option to turn it off in the A-G editor is most needed! I apologise if I came off as confrontational at all. I'm going to try another spaceplane.
  15. Okay, so in the action group editor, the option is "Balance Fuel Tanks". Which one is that?
  16. "Keep Balanced" and "Balance Fuel". Yet, "Balance Fuel Tanks" is the option that appears in the Action Group editor. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mi3erbf2vnvp05n/screenshot20.png?dl=0 Regarding not being able to balance, after enabling balancing from the action group in flight while still on the runway, while CoM should be exactly where I set it, this happens: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x105i0ytkzvd2l8/screenshot21.png?dl=0 It then doesn't change until I deactivate it and select one of the activate options at which time it says it's balancing again. It then seems to fail to actually balance properly through the flight. Next Day Edit: I made this simple test rig. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ppmiuvw1liz5ldx/screenshot31.png?dl=0 The balancing seems to work here. Perhaps there is just something weird about my spaceplane it doesn't work on. Either during building it bugged out in some way (which i think it did) or there's something wrong with my tank and fuel setup.. or.. Still the menus confuse me. Why are there two different buttons that appear to do the same thing and why do neither of them say the same thing as what's in the Action Group editor? Also please can we have some way to turn it off via action groups?
  17. Are there any known issues with the (red) flight lazor causing controls to not respond to input?
  18. I'm not sure if mine is buggy somehow, but there are two buttons when I right click the part in flight. What's the difference? When I set it to enable via action group it says balance not possible in the right-click menu in flight. I watch fuel flow and it's doing something, but doesn't appear to be holding the set CoG. I have TAC-FB installed as well so are there any known conflicts? Should I fresh install everything?
  19. Oh, holy crap. Well thank-you all and thanks Nathan. I'll give that a shot.
  20. Hello everyone. Do you like spaceplanes? Do you get annoyed by a shifting CoM as you fly? I do. So anyway, I'm using the very excellent RCS Build Aid and TAC Fuel Balancer. Build Aid to align dry and wet CoM's in the hangar and TAC to of course try to maintain that during flight. However. I've found that just balancing all tanks is not enough to maintain the CoM and I still need to use TAC to manually push fuel around and feel for the right CoM. It's kind of messy. My proposal is a fuel balancing mod that actively attempts to maintain a set CoM. If anyone is interested to code something like that I have more details to share.
  21. This looks so kickass. Downloading to try now. Will vote later.
  22. Man I'd been hoping the docking cam mod would be around somewhere again.. I didn't realise it had integrated here. Thanks for keeping this one alive as it's better than the also fine Docking Alignment Indicator, and making it even usable still as a separate mod.
  23. Not enough fuel to do anything once in orbit.. but whatevaaa. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0jic1wl4g3wr3fi/AABaThSxxWoQcxrCebPUT5KSa
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