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  1. I still have no idea what this actually is. My best guess is a parts pack judging from the comments, but the OP only shows a single untextured model.
  2. Why are Kerbals not included? Is there a technical reason? I think that if you build a ship, if there are Kerbals aboard your station, at least one should be transferred as other resources to be in control. That would make more sense to my mind, rather than having to fly a Kerbal 500m out on his RCS to gain control of your new vessel, since I put crew in my station with the intent of using them to pilot constructed vehicles anyway. (Don't other people?)
  3. Hey, I have one small suggestion for the blinking modes. Is it possible to make them turn on at a random point in the timeout? The objective being so that multiple lights enabled at the same time though an action group which are set to blink in the same mode don't all blink at exactly the same time.
  4. I'd like some fairing sections to match the shape of the radial mounts (perhaps a fuselage section and a LFO section) so it can be extended for visual reasons, and a connector part to fit that flares out to standard circular sizes. Also, this bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe_fjOZEPOI
  5. I did a similar thing. It still took something like 6 shipments from those things sticking out the side. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydwsjnlv5pxsxfk/screenshot1.png
  6. Hey, I found a little balance problem and was directed to post here. Dealing with the square wing sections, the 4x4 has a lift of 3.06, but the 4x2 has 2.62 and 4x1 has 2.16, so that means that a wing that's 4x3 made from two pieces has a lift of >4.5 while the single 4x4 wing is only 3.06. The weights of these pieces are also not balanced against each other.
  7. Hey that's awesome, thanks! After I posted I went to snoop to see if it was that easy and found those lines, but confirming I did the right thing is awesome. This makes it even more useful! (I still think another AI-controlled ship needs to be spawned, perhaps in-line with a docking port a kilometer or so out and just move straight in to dock. hehe) Also my personal opinion is that the part is still too heavy. Having to supply it with x amount of it's resources is punishment enough for something that's supposed to remove busywork - especially since it's really just empty tanks. (All these things I modified in the .cfg to suit me anyway, no real problem, just sharing thoughts.)
  8. Sorry if it's been mentioned, but can this be modified in any way to deliver other types of resources besides the stock ones? (ie. Rocket Parts)
  9. Been using this for a while and loving it aside from the odd flickering and low resolution of the lights while in close orbit. Happy to see an update. This was the nicest view I'd seen out the window in a while: https://www.dropbox.com/s/99vzjqh97iijymm/screenshot3.png Edit: Update is awesomeness.
  10. Because some people care about things they've invested a lot of time and effort into. It's horrible that we can't all be as selfless as you. Get a reality check and take that attitude with you. Your post served no purpose except to insult and further the debate.
  11. No rights are given to ANY of you to expect ANYTHING from any mod author. Take your snotty fingers out of your noses, all of you.
  12. So I found this. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19231999/screenshot4.png At 25,000 with no aerodynamic heating visible the temperature was >500 but down lower with plasma streaming from the wings it's a chilly sub-300. That's not right, is it? Also as an addendum to this mod, what about a little window with a coloured bar to show the shield ablation/temperature as visible in the context menu. (So that this information is visible without having to have the menu open)
  13. Hey, I'm just about to try this out. Sounds awesome. One feature request I haven't seen mentioned is the ability to make our own delivery ships. Think you could do that?
  14. Is this still as seriously deadly as when it was first made? It sounds like it's had lots of options added..
  15. The OP is still a bit confusing. To work, this requires at minimum two downloads, but they're spread apart by a big text box.
  16. FAR is one thing I've never ever tried. I might. The first design posted I made well enough that I can hover it VTOL with a keyboard without too much slip, but this plugin just freaks out and sends it flipping and rolling. I find it seems to be very lax about the roll hold on every craft I've tried. This one seems to work the best of all I've made so far, but it still has a small, slow roll to one side which is never corrected by the autopilot. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8hx6v1ogm013yox/ZRPvj6TPlQ Edit: After a bit of use with the design here I'm getting the hang of it. The mod is helping and helpful! I'm just a bit miffed as to why mine seem to perform more poorly than the video.
  17. Only the second one has jet VTOL thrusters. Even the one I posted that I said did work only works sort-of...
  18. I just.. can't seem to get this to work as well as demonstrated. I've tried on 3 different craft and all of them pitch and roll out of control. I've fiddled with the sliders and there are points when things improve on one axis, but then as I watch it leveling out and damping oscillations it'll just flip itself over, or rolls over on one side. One time I even watched it firing RCS in direct opposition to what it was trying to do with the jets and reaction wheels. I've also downloaded the latest modulemanager.dll Here's shots of the 3 craft I've tried: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/edsy0yd12zy79xp/AsuO53g6XB Any tips? Edit: This seems to work, more or less: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t117uvqzctamf51/screenshot10.png What's the difference?
  19. Still using this for the awesome small, stackable 'chute and the sweet baseplate engines!
  20. I have a problem with the probe parts. Namely the Mach Chute didn't actually open during my first test on Kerbin. Am I forgetting something?
  21. I'm choosing this one over the other because the interface is so much tidier.
  22. Nutshell layman explanation related to this thread: You\'re always getting pulled towards the surface, no matter how low you are. You won\'t suddenly get 'sucked in' for no reason. What makes you not hit the ground is your lateral speed. If the Mun were a perfectly smooth sphere, one could in theory orbit it at 1cm high. Since the Mun is not perfectly smooth, the only problem with low orbits is running headlong into a geological formation. ;D It\'s the fact that gravity is always pulling you towards the surface that makes an orbit possible.
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