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  1. I\'ll give you an example for a Mun landing flight. Typically for me it would be something like this: 1st stage takes me out of atmo. Dropped before reaching orbit. If I have any cargo shrouds or the like, I drop them out of atmo here, too. 2nd stage boosts to apogee if 1st stage wasn\'t enough and then performs orbital insertion around Kerbin. 2nd stage performs the TMI burn to take us to the Mun and then inserts into orbit when we get there. 2nd stage then performs the first part of the braking burn and is jettisoned so it will impact the surface. Descent stage then performs the final braking and descent maneuvers. You land on the Mun with no debris left in orbit. All debris is separated at such times when your trajectory will hit the surface of something. Add more stages if you need, but I find for most things, anything more than 4 main stages (stages where engines fire, to exclude cosmetic things like panels or aeroshells) is sub-optimal.
  2. Actually, the best way is to plan your flight and staging so that all jettisoned debris is in a sub-orbital trajectory (Either Kerbin, Mun or Minmus). Redundant MechJeb units are for amateurs.
  3. Well, the D.R. pack is what I use for the articulated claws. There\'s a mix of other parts packs in there, too - another reason I wouldn\'t just give you a .craft. You\'d need everything installed that I used. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?board=37.0 and it\'s child board 'Plugin-Powered Releases' is your stop for bits and pieces.
  4. You build your own craft. It\'s always the best way. Learning by doing and all that. I\'m using parts from Damned Robotics, specifically.: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=10662.0 Of course I guess this depends on the size and shape of the vehicle you want to recover, too, and if you want it in one piece back on the surface or just to get rid of it. If the latter, you may as well just use one of the laser plugins and blast it out of the sky! Otherwise you\'ll be looking to design something custom to do your specific job.
  5. How about something like in my post? ???
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tjfaxacmdvyor6y/b3o3e4aPdg No shots of the landing because I was a fool and after the de-orbit burn seen, went above 2x warp, causing them to drift into each other, then panicking slightly I came out of warp and the physics kicked back in (duh) and you know what they say about two bits of matter occupying the same place at the same time.. ..Should have worked, though. The capture craft went through lots of chute testing to make sure before the real thing
  7. I just wish it was easier to animate something, say, with scripted events..
  8. In the current version there is a bug where the KSC marker on the navball points to the second KSC instead. (That hasn\'t been fixed, right? I didn\'t miss an update?)
  9. Somehow I don\'t think those are items that are factoring into his decision. And anyway, Mr. Wise, what would you do with $15 that would significantly aide your situation assuming such problems were at the head? Yes. Research it. Paypal is criminal.
  10. I\'m curious as to whether or not the OP actually thought he would get an alternate answer here. OP, I held out buying for a while because 1. Unity limitations made me cautious in the same way you are, and 2. PayPal. Blergh. Dirty. But, I\'ve spent way more money for way fewer hours of entertainment before (SPORE) than I did on KSP, even as it is at this point. Expansion to the core gameplay continues and the devs never seem to tire of finding ways around the Unity shortcomings. As well, Unity itself continues to be developed and as it does, things get easier for KSP. Besides, what else are you going to spend that $15 on?
  11. That\'s why they invented the pause button! And to further that, the re-wind button!
  12. It\'s a bit of a stagnant thread and no longer a challenge, but it\'s also a little showcase of designs. So here\'s my latest: It works perfectly to drop the cart a metre from the surface and fly off to crash. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r1vio323qf5gvue/v99BioXqfT
  13. Welcome to the forum! Here\'s some advice: Lurk more.
  14. It\'s because you were using a sane browser the first time.
  15. The gear is not retractable, no. It shouldn\'t be. The Eagles are one of the few things the show got pretty right as far as design.
  16. Oh. I\'m sorry if that was mentioned, I didn\'t see it. Thank-you, but I do have the .craft. What are the chances of making it buildable? Is the problem just node positions?
  17. He just looks blissfully ignorant to me.
  18. Excuse me, sir, but you appear to have an inferior facsimile of my sig image. And it\'s pronounced 'Moon'. Question answered.
  19. It would be nice to get the parts converted. There aren\'t enough good lander legs out there.
  20. Okay, the Ceres is sweet. But. I can\'t build it. The main heatshield in particular just does not snap to the underside of the capsule properly. it always snaps inside. When I load the example and detach it from where you have it, and try to re-attach it it\'s the same thing. What am I not doing?
  21. I\'m thinking about installing that POC again just to make the best Kerbal in the universe. My résumé: http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=usr-Splycer|2267078843
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