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  1. Excellent modeling and well done, I am placing this in line with my must have RN packs! Kudos and slow clap.... Only issue I have had is with the Soyuz DM 1st chute which makes it wobble uncontrollably and it will begin to ascend slightly to the side. Then it tears to shreds at full deployment, second chute does not fair much better. This is with stock atmosphere, no FAR or Realistic Atmosphere installed on a standard ballistic return (20k aerobraking from a 150k orbit).
  2. As a time saver there are a couple of MechJeb Embed cfg files available such as:
  3. Not sure where ISS is coming into this since he was referencing Skylab?
  4. @Jeb-head-mug kerman Yes you are certainly wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacelab
  5. @FuturzMinion - Texture switching works fine in my install, I'd first suggest verifying that you have the Firespitter plugin installed correctly.
  6. Fantastic! Much like everyone else that plays RO I've always "hodged" a sounding rocket together with procedural parts and such, so this will be a lovely addition indeed.
  7. I had the same science problem, for some reason all science gathering had stopped. Discovered that FASA and this mod had the same definitions, removed the duplicate entries from the FASA science.cfg file cleared up the issue.
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