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  1. Alright there was a space or enter somewhere, new error is invalid token for user. Edit: Nevermind I see its name already taken.
  2. When my friend tries to connect to me after DNS Error: No such host is known. What do?
  3. I get that but realistically no srb would ever have a thrust to weight ratio of under 1.5, the shuttle srb was massive and still held up at 2. Maybe the equation could be tweaked to let the nozzles be bigger than the diameter like they are on the shuttle srb. Anyway if that is not acceptable I will drop it, thankyou for talking about it though.
  4. 0.9.12 is the version I am using, if I get it with 0.9.14 I will report back here. Yes I wanted more thrust per meter because the thrust to weight ratio gets worse and worse with the same width to height ratio. My only point was that the shuttle sized srb should have a twr of around 2 instead of 1.16.
  5. To be clear, multiperson crafts are not in right? Edit: Answered on IRC Also thankyou for your continued and speedy progress, we have been enjoying not randomly exploding near eachother.
  6. Is there any way to have the build resources window not show up as soon as I put a mechjeb part on? I hate that window and there is no toggle for it.
  7. In the edited post I post the twrs and I confirmed this by launching them, the smaller one is easily 3 times faster with both having a maxed out nozzle. The shuttle booster literally just barely lifts off the ground. It takes a good 5 seconds to clear its own height. I have both mechjeb and KER but mechjeb seems to derp when I change a srb size and not display the correct weight until I reload the craft or launch and come back. KER on the other hand does update correctly so I used kg instead of tons. That nozzle spawning on the top side of the shuttle srb bug sure is a weird one.
  8. I edited my post a bit because the mech jeb weight seemed to be off, using engineer weights and I refined the smaller rocket to be closer. Even if I make the smaller booster 2 times taller it takes off much MUCH faster. There is a problem there.
  9. I am not using realistic fuel. SRB 1 Height: 45.5 meters Width: 3.75 meters Height / Width: 12.13 Thrust: 7031 kn Burn Time: 168 seconds Weight: 612000 kg TWR: 1.17 SRB 2 Height: 15.13 meters Width: 1.25 meters Height / Width: 12.096 Thrust: 781 kn Burn Time: 56 seconds Weight: 22657 kg TWR: 3.52 Both solid rocker boosters have the same height to width ratio and thrust maxed out but the bigger SRB has much less thrust to weight, barely enough to lift itself. I am just requesting that whatever equation you use be tweaked a bit on the high end to allow a TWR at take off of around 2. On another n
  10. I have a problem with the srbs, you can not make them akin to life. Specifically the space shuttle srb, if I make one of real size Height 149.16 feet (45.46 m) Diameter 12.17 feet (3.71 m) The thrust is nowhere near: Thrust 2,800,000 pounds-force (12,000 kN) Infact the max is 8KN which is barely enough to lift it off the pad, it should be able to have much more thrust than that. I am not complaining about burn time to thrust either, I just want more allowable thrust on bigger srbs.
  11. The easiest way to get a private server running between you and a friend is you slap your gamedata folder on dropbox and he downloads it, and if you turn mod control to 0 while using the development build you do not need to make a part list. @Ghostexx7 Type in "whats my ip" in google and it will show you your ip, the server ip will be the hosts ip. If the ip is correct and the friend still can not join then your port is not forwarded. You can check this at canyouseeme.org Requirements for port forwarding are: Setting your computer to a static ip Forwarding the ports through windows firewall or
  12. I am 95% sure to see eachother when flying you both have to launch at the same time and exit the bubble at near the same time, if one is flying and the other takes off there is a vision issue.
  13. Updated to dev version, I can see friend now but still can not see his orbit lines, nor can he see mine. We do not see eachother on the map either. If I rejoin I can see the orbit line but not until. Edit: Can see when I get above 50k or so, but it would be nice if I could have a setting to see it always for exploring planets with friends on the ground. Also it would be nice if you could minimize the chat window or disable it with toolbar or right clicking.
  14. Me and my friend cant see eachother we play KMP just fine, like even if he launches and I go to map I cant see his orbit line. Even if I leave and come back I can not see his orbiting craft, crewed or uncrewed. He is in my server and we can share screenshots. Tried the latest release and latest dev build. Only thing I changed in the server file was the port and turning mod manager to 0 since I cant get my hands on the program for the part listing. Our ksp games are identical.
  15. Could someone who has the kmp part manager upload a mirror somewhere, the author has not moved to curse and there is no mirror.
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