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  1. Thanks for the calculator! Unfortuantely, when I copied it to my drive, it broke or something because it's doing a divide by 0 error no matter what I do, even if I do the stuff in the gif he showed. So I'm going to show you the crafts I have and see if they'll connect, if that's alright. This is my long range sat. it's got a RA-2 relay antenna and is at 5,000km orbit. There are two of them This is the craft to duna. it's not going to land, just orbit then return. Thanks!
  2. Hey there! I'm a well-seasoned KSP player (been playing since .22, maybe earlier) and I've gone to Duna my fair share of times. I've started a new career for 1.2, and I want to know how big of an antenna I need on both of my crafts to connect to home base from Duna. Do I need relay sats in solar orbit? Thanks!
  3. Would I be able to use mods like Procedural Parts and KW Rocketry that add engines and parts, but are not too cheaty? How about TweakScale?
  4. I've been playing a lot of long-distance missions, and with the return of Scott Kelly it's got me thinking - are Kerbals these immortal beings that take no effect to the rigors of space? The idea is that after a prolonged mission Kerbals have to take time off from launching rockets, so that way Jeb isn't piloting mission after mission. It could also become a challenge point if you have a small roster and have no remaining kerbals.
  5. No problem. Let me know if there's any issues! I'm currently updating and tweaking the script right now.
  6. SAS ON. LOCK THROTTLE TO 1. STAGE. CLEARSCREEN. PRINT "LAUNCHING!". WAIT UNTIL ALTITUDE > 2000. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90,80). PRINT "Pitching to 80d". WAIT UNTIL ALTITUDE > 3000. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90,75). PRINT "Pitching to 75d". WAIT UNTIL ALTITUDE > 5000. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90, 70). PRINT "Pitching to 70d". WAIT UNTIL ALTITUDE > 7000. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90, 65). PRINT "Pitching to 65d". WAIT UNTIL ALTITUDE > 9500. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90, 60). PRINT "Pitching to 60d". WAIT UNTIL ALTITUDE > 11000. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90, 50). PRINT "Pitching to 50d". WAIT UNTIL ALTITUDE > 15000. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90, 45). PRINT "PITCHING TO 45d". WAIT UNTIL MAXTHRUST = 0. WAIT 1. PRINT "STAGED". STAGE. PRINT "STAGE 2 ACTIVATED". WAIT UNTIL APOAPSIS > 75000. LOCK THROTTLE TO 0. WAIT 0.5. LOCK THROTTLE TO 0. PRINT "Coasting to OIB". WAIT 1. SET WARPMODE TO "PHYSICS". SET WARP TO 4. PRINT "Time Warping". WAIT UNTIL ETA:APOAPSIS < 20. SET WARP TO 0. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90, 15). LOCK THROTTLE TO 0.9. SET vThrottle to 0.9. WHEN ETA:APOAPSIS < 5 THEN { IF vThrottle < 0.5 { SET vThrottle to vThrottle + 0.1. LOCK THROTTLE TO vThrottle. } PRESERVE. } WHEN ETA:APOAPSIS > 20 THEN { IF vThrottle > 0 { SET vThrottle to vThrottle - 0.1. LOCK THROTTLE TO vThrottle. } PRESERVE. } WHEN PERIAPSIS > -100000 THEN { LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90,5). } WHEN PERIAPSIS > -20000 THEN { LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90,1). } WAIT UNTIL PERIAPSIS > 70000. PRINT "ORBIT!". LOCK THROTTLE TO 0. WAIT 1. LOCK THROTTLE TO 0. UNLOCK ALL. This script works best with 2 stage vehicles where the first stage has a starting TWR between 1.10 and 1.25, but best sits at like 1.19. The first stage should be able to make it above 15km, and beyond that, the second stage just has to be able to orbit after that. Enjoy!
  7. So after a few hours of fiddling and a lot of headscratching to find out how KOS really worked, I was able to scrap together a fully custom script that sent my rocket into orbit without any intervention (except, in the video, I did have to jettison the fairing and open the panels manually, but the ship would have orbited regardless). Here you go!
  8. It's for science and research. It uses fuel and monoprop, and when I sent the shuttle to the station I forgot to put the science experiments on it, so I sent it over with the tools and parts necessary to put science modules in its service bay. The resupply craft returns to kerbin, so what I plan to do is take any science I get in a mission and land it at Kerbin with that resupply craft so that I can get the full points for it rather than just the 35% I'd get via transmission.
  9. The LOMS is my first ever station around a body other than Kerbin. It's spinning retrograde (woops) and orbits at about 10km above sea level. The first resupply mission has been completed and was successful. The second resupply mission is built and ready to fly. LOMS has space for 10 kerbals, and has Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer, and MonoProp. It has a science lab, and 10+ docking ports. I'd love to know what you think!
  10. Facebook Memories sent me this small reminder that I've been playing KSP for well over 2 years. 2 years ago on this day, we landed our first mission on the Mun. Blitzor Kerman stepped foot at 10:32pm EST. We all start from somewhere. You can do it.
  11. I think I'll start working on it this week if I can find the time. I've got some stuff I have every day this week, and Wednesday is a trip to Six Flags (yay) so hopefully I can find some time before the end of the week to get the formulas and equations translated into 2D space. If anyone else has ideas, let me know!
  12. Just a graphics editor. I asked you guys here to see if its worth programming.
  13. For anyone still interested, here's SpaceX's Falcon 9 drawn by me in the style I want for the game.