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  1. Thank you for the option to turn off the ring handles---they do indeed look odd in a lot of the stations I have made.
  2. At the time, everyone agreed that they hated the barn. Not sure the early game needs more grind, adding another level of VAB anyways....
  3. Is this intended? It seems like radiators should not actually work to cool probes/bases on Thalia, since they should just be sinks for getting the same radiative heat into the vessel.
  4. He means a Habitation Timer bonus. I believe the intent of USI-LS is that Supplies and Colony Supplies includes elements of entertainment, so I am not sure that this would be a desirable change, in any case.
  5. Which ones didn't change? (Asking, as my only interplanetary craft at the moment are on their way to Tellumo.)
  6. Seems to be working as intended so far--I have not had as much time to test as I would like. I noticed the same issue with decimals, which has already been fixed.
  7. @Nertea, the new parts look great. At the risk of sounding greedy and ungrateful, is there any possibility that we could get texture-switching? I often find myself trying to match the parts with darker parts (Ven's stock revamp) or lighter parts (Habtech/Cx), and having a couple shades would be nice. I would do it in Photoshop if I had the full-res textures, but I wonder if this would be something of broader interest.
  8. Does this not interact with the Strategia strategies that make contracts for a body more likely? I have not looked at the code for either. Still, fewer would clutter the strategies less, and make we want to do them when ones I need are available.
  9. Speaking for myself, maxSimultaneous makes a lot of sense. If I have a strategy for a body, it will be more likely to give me one about that body anyways, and this makes it more important to choose ones I want when they pop up. I strongly prefer the latter, for two reasons: 1) it corresponds with how antennas show up in the VAB (though I suppose I would need to calculate the combined value elsewhere) and 2) it is much easier to read without counting commas (still much better than counting zeros! I personally prefer the UI scaled down, so M/G is easier to read, and I imagine people with eyesight problems would similarly appreciate it). Thanks for looking into this!
  10. On the one hand, I worry that this would push against the low limit on strategies. On the other hand, if higher-level strategies allowed you to commit more funds to capital expenses, that would make a lot of sense. It seems different from the other strategies in that it would be essentially required to progress, not just an interesting bonus. A button is fine, though I feel capital expenses being funnelled straight out of the monthly budgets (perhaps with a slider for amount saved, from 10–50%) is more in keeping with how the mod works.
  11. Ah, I assumed that functionality was moved to this mod, and had missed that it is through the KCT interface (which obviously makes sense). Many thanks.
  12. I am having this show contracts for relays for every planet in the GPP system, despite never having done a flyby of any except Iota and Ceti. Is that intended? Also, if possible, abbreviating the power to G/M would make it much easier to read. Counting zeroes is tedious.
  13. I have been playing with this mod in my current career save, and I have been enjoying it quite a lot--career's implementation of funds was always annoying and limiting. That said, there is this weird balance issue, where I have 50% reputation (on hard mode settings for funds/science/rep) which is not enough to upgrade level three buildings, but is essentially an unlimited amount of money for building rockets. I can build twenty 2-man orbital rockets or thirty satellite/probe missions to either of Gael's moons with my monthly (I have it set to quarterly) budget, so it seems like too much, except for the need to upgrade facilities. I wonder if significantly smaller budgets but the ability to assign some percentage of the budget to infrastructure (upgrades, repairs) might be a good fix. I would just use the amounts as annual, but then I would have to timewarp through a year every time I upgrade a facility, and unless I drastically extend timelines in KCT (already at 5x longer than normal), that doesn't seem like a great solution.
  14. Just dropping by to say that I have been using the dev version and scrapyard in my 1.3 career play through, with no issues (with KCT--Scrapyard is understandably a bit opaque to me at the moment). This is a favourite mod of mine, as it restores some sense of time to the game (even if I am still finding times a bit short with a 5x multiplier atm). One small feature that is annoying: if I click on a ship in the queue and choose 'warp to' it still stops at every intervening finished reconditioning/vehicle (possibly because I am also using KAC?). Is there a way to warp without stopping for the higher-queued items?
  15. Am wildly making things up or am I correct in remembering that the previous KCT implementation would save complete vehicles that were landed on the runway for relaunching? Is there any possibility of putting vehicles back into the SPH queue for relaunching, so that we can refuel planes and rovers and test bases without reconstructing them (even at 1/4th time)? Maybe a short maintenance timer and then we can relaunch it?