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  1. Engine thrust is already shown in the game. ISP is already shown in the game. Mass is already shown in the game. Why the heck not show a simple delta-v and TWR readout already. The player has all that information, but is forced to calculate the resulting delta-v and TWR by hand. Not very friendly at all. It's silly we have to install KER to actually make the game easier than stock. I'd say stock KSP is more for hardcore gamers than for us casual gamers who simply want to have fun and not bother with math and spreadsheets. I feel sorry for the console players who don't even know if their r
  2. Where would be the proper place to report bugs in 1.4.1 and Making History? So far I have: 1. The new service modules with the explosive doors: If you start with the shroud off (doors already open), switch to another vessel, and switch back, the shroud will appear and there will be no way to remove it. 2. Saved built fairings are not persisted when adding it to a new craft. I can save a part with a built fairing, which will disappear the moment it is added to another craft, either through a sub-assembly or through the 'Merge' feature when loading crafts.
  3. A bit worried here. KSP managed to do so well without a publisher, selling some 2 million copies. What would a publisher bring to the table now, years after the release, besides a quick cash infusion? I'm sure the money is probably great, but I feel a bit sad Squad decided it would be worth it to sell the rights of their masterpiece which they put so much effort and love into.
  4. I've been living under a rock and havent played KSP since before the satellite network feature. Though, I've been keeping up with the news from time to time, hoping the game would evolve to the direction I hope for. Sadly for me it hasn't been the case. Although new features are always welcome, I often wonder why some obscure features get incorporated into stock while others blatantly needed features keep being overlooked. We got the whole satellite network feature, with all its complexity; we got the whole localization effort which involves retexturing a good part of the game; we got som
  5. I'm both unhappy AND relieved that it WASN'T that. Would've felt really stupid http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764213830 Oh ok then! Thank you!
  6. Strange, before the last patch, I always had a signal connection from the launch pad, but now I can't get one. What am I missing? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764208971
  7. Doing a new career in 1.2. Forgot about these funny science descriptions http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=763320101
  8. Achievements would be a good reason to migrate! If we only had them..
  9. Ahh! Great use of unused space there! Will definitely make an subassembly of that!
  10. Biggest facepalm: Planned a long term laythe mission, where I would deploy a bunch of small ISRUs around the various islands, send a plane, and play around exploring and refueling everywhere, eventually establishing a base there. Many days spent building the extractors and the transfer ship, fitting everything together. Half a million credits mission. Sent the whole thing to laythe. When getting there, surprise surprise! Laythe is mineral miserable! Ore is present on only one island, and even then, the concentration is like 1%, which my small drills can't extract. Could
  11. Only one major rule: leave no kerbal behind. I actually have a problem with this, and as a result will do only one manned mission at a time.
  12. I also often use SRBs only for first stage. When doing so, I don't bother with turning - too risky, and simply launch straight up until the boosters are dropped.
  13. Slap a circular intake, a small fuel tank, a juno engine and a couple of the small control surfaces as wings and it makes a great plane/submarine as well!
  14. Looks cool! Hey does closing the intakes do anything (for the aerodynamic model)?
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