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  1. The force settings on the old 1.2.2 build were way too weak, with 32 slave and one master accelerator it could throw a 2,5 x 3.0m tank roughly 500m into the air. I edited the .cfg I found that I need at least 15000 force on both master and slaves to nearly reach LKO. Without fairings I won't even get close to LKO. Also firing the accelerator creates a stop motion like lag, as soon as the payload is out of the "barrel" everything runs smooth again.
  2. Hi I have IR part drift too, no specific direction, just randomly wandering off. Hangar mod had something similar with the grapple node on asteroid hatches ( I think it was because of the flexible joint nature of the grapple ). KSP seems to dislike flexible joints. Maybe there is a way to "fix" or "strengthen" the nodes while they're not moving, to only make them flexible when there is an input to the servos? Best regards
  3. Hi HebaruSan I'm also encountering lag while using Astrogator. If I'm reading my log correctly, Astrogator is not only calculating the ongoing burn, but also transfers to every other planet / moon continuously for the active ship. And if you have asteroid navigation activated, It will calculate courses to them too. Maybe you could lighten the load by calculating just the planned course? Best Regards Haifi Edit: I've added a Screenshot of the console output
  4. I've had a look at the source of Bon Voyage. The plugin checks for the stock ModuleWheel module, so its not possible to add the KF wheels with just config editing. KF uses the KSPWheel module, which is a mod itself. The Bon Voyage plugin needs to be modified to accept not only the stock wheel module, but also KSPWheel in order to work with KF.
  5. Ah, sh...! Ok, too much hassle. Don't bother for now. If you're bored someday, you know what you could have a look at Any news on the asteroid Hangar? Just curious if you located the problem.
  6. Its either the dust, or the digging itself. Because the lag hits, as soon as I turn on the drill. And it fades as soon as I turn the drill off. Edit: As for the module, it should be MODULE { name = ModuleAnimationGroup activeAnimationName = drill-animation moduleType = Drill autoDeploy = true } because you can start several animations concurrently with it. Just a guess tho...
  7. @allistaI have another question, is it possible to tune down or turn off the dust effect on the asteroid drill? It's causing more and more lag as my asteroid base grows, so I would want to save some performance by at least reducing the effect...
  8. Hi allista Grapple nodes seem to be stable still Now that the drift seems sorted out, I did try to get a asteroid hangar up and running. But the hangar refuses to store even a small craft. I tried to fit this: Into this hangar: But I always get the standard message: Am I stupid again and missed something? I have some tanks in the hatch that hangar is using, does this prevent the hangar from working with that hatch? The ship should fit through the ( 5.x by 5.x meters, I think it was? ) entrance. And the Inside volume should be more than enough...
  9. Then ill keep my eyes and ears open. Sadly I'm not in the military anymore, was a driver on a Leopard II. Would have been easy to record some true track sounds back then, but never thought of needing some.
  10. Ok, it just does not sound too much like a tracked vehicle to me. Found a "decent" free track sound here: And made a .ogg sample of it. For which I could pm you a dropbox link if you're interested.
  11. Now a video with fine tuned tracks and autostruts Yay, working tracks! Just one question, the "driving over gravel" sound is very dominant, is that on purpose? Could you tone that sound down a bit and have the engine hum a bit louder? Or is it either this or that?
  12. Thank you so much for finding the problem, at times I was thinking I was seeing ghosts... If its a "stock" problem there's nothing to be done about it. To know a workaround is all that I need. Again, thank you, and thank you for not writing me off.
  13. I was thinking in the same direction, my standard setting for physics delta time is 0.04, because I tend to have bigger stations / bases at some point. So I tried higher settings and even lowered it to 0.03, to no avail. The effect is persistent.
  14. I posted the vid to that yesterday ( in the You're the boss, boss! post ) Stock everything... What I get is very fast small oscillations, like a vibrating grinder.
  15. Its unstable for me in every setting, it just escalates when going in one direction or the other... Even with standard settings the comp values can't even be read because they fluctuate too fast...
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