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  1. Hello, I'm having a some problems with Texture replacer. After installing SVE (stock visual enhancement) I was very pleased with the results, everything worked, and thought... Gee, this could really use a better skybox. So I look up skyboxes and found Pood's Milky Way skybox - looks beautiful. On the download it says that it requires textures replacer. I download both texture replacer and Poods skybox... sure enough the skybox files go in texture replacer file in gamedata. Problem is when I boot up, there are no changes to the skybox. Same thing as it was before, except now it looks even more drab, after seeing what it could have been! Pood! You have ruined the stock skybox for me and I haven't even used your mod yet! Anyway, everything else seems to be working, and the only other visual enhancement I have on the game is the stuff that comes in the SVE package like EVE and distant objects. http://imgur.com/a/qL8FC < Gamedata screenshot. No point in taking a picture of the problem as its a stock skybox. Am I perhaps not grabbing an updated version of texture replacer? I am using 1.2.2 version of ksp. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have force open gl as well and its not working. Same issue that LasseG describes to the letter. Force open gl got astronomer interstellar to run at 1.3 gb for me so its staying
  3. I would like to do a twitch TV series on this with a buddy. Does anyone who uses this know if it provides this data: http://ksp.olex.biz/ I'm pretty familiar with orbital mechanics. I can eyeball it to the mun, but if I want to make it to Duna or Eve and minimize the chance of missing to a point it is broadcastable I need a little bit more data. Thanks!
  4. Does this mod still work? Im trying to make my rastor prop more immersive.
  5. With things as they are Im pretty sure shuttles aren't going to work, unless you move up the value they are talking about.
  6. Well.... I updated without checking the forum for the change in difficulty. Poor Jeb...... Perhaps the settings are too high. I actually like that its more difficult... but this may call for more options or upgrades when it comes to heatshields.... especially when landing on Eve. Deadly Re-entry tech tree anyone? =D
  7. NEVER MIND. IM AN IDIOT. I fixed the issue above. If anyone else comes across this issue.... You forgot to delete the warp plugin before installing as described in the instructions.
  8. I upgraded from the old interstellar to the new version today. It is the only change I made so I'm fairly certain that it has something to do with interstellar, but before I assume is anyone getting this error: http://i.imgur.com/2KxRFde.png Basically right clicking on a Kerbal, fills up the drop box with soooooo many rad status I cant select anything else. It is making EVA's and surface samples impossible.
  9. Ya it is working. I grabbed the old file in my downloads folder. Thanks for the fix! Was sorta funny. Whole front end lite up when I turned on the lights XD. Looked like ET's finger. Jebadiah phooooooooone hooooome.
  10. Okay. I will try that. For 24.2 everything has been a fresh install for me. Threw out all mods and re-installed. The internal IVA's blew my mind btw. I'm flying IVA with cameras all over my ship. My front one keeps overheating and exploding though! =p. Incredible fun. Ill let you know what happens.
  11. How do I do that? I redownloaded it and reapplied and I still have the same problem. Sorry I'm new XD
  12. Does anyone else's S2 reusable pod show only as completely white? http://imgur.com/KcFO6dP If this isn't expected to be like this i'll go ahead and report this. I realize this is the pre-release.
  13. I actually deleted all my mods re-installed kerbal space program and put my mods back in as well as 2.4.03. Also it is installed into the correct folder. http://imgur.com/7gg2PLE It seems as if the toolbar isn't recognizing it. For example, I can force it to pop up by changing the values in the file, but there is no toolbar button for me to get it to come back up again once closed. It works fine balancing fuel, everything is great. It's just have to force it to pop up.
  14. So TAC Fuel Balancer has never appeared in the tool bar for me. It got to the point (because of all the other mods I have - like MKS) that I absolutely needed it so I started poking around in the files. I found that in the file called "FuelBalancer" that Balancer, Settings, and Help all had visible set to "False". Fantastic! I change the values to true and behold it pops up.... but not in the toolbar. So since I don't want that window in my face permanently I eventually X'ed out of the window. Couldn't find it in the toolbar list... all 7 buttons from other mods are check on. I went back to the file and visible is set to "False" again on all three settings. It presumably reverted when I closed the window. I know I have probably done something incredibly stupid, but for the life of me I cant find out why this is happening. For right now, I'll just shrink that window to the corner and never X out of it. Thanks for your help in advance.
  15. I'm having the exact same problem. I will try your fix. Edit: Its a bit unclear what you did. Could someone explain?
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