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  1. when i was playing around with game dev, i always called the kraken the wiggles. the further from your center of the game world you got, the bigger the errors got until they were bigger than your craft. this is what killed my newtonion physics mod for freespace. i couldnt get anything bigger than a small moon into the game.
  2. pinouts i had were specifically for my supply (in fact the whole sf line). they were intended for cable modders i assume and lack some details you would find in the full atx spec. everythings either labled as ground or vcc, and one is not used. i think its up to the psu manufacturer to decide what aux means, and corsair decided it was ground. would not be surprised if the aux lines on the squid connector just go to an i2c eeprom to fetch the psu spec data. this seems to be all the rage in the tech world. smart anything just means a look up table. had it not been for that connector, nvidia wouldn't have lost a long time customer.
  3. i was looking at the pinouts for my gpu connectors and i noticed that the only difference between a 6-pin and an 8-pin, is the 8-pin has 2 extra grounds. i think the rule of thumb is 120 watts per 18 gauge wire pair. but im wondering what the advantage is for having an extra pair of grounds. whatever advantage the 12vhpwr gives you, it omits the extra grounds found on dual 8s, and you might as well run dual 6s. frankly im glad amd did not re-invent the wheel on this one and used 8-pins. i think id have done a mini-16, and the i2c lines in the housing instead of having this stupid overengineered (and therefore expensive) composite connector. id rather they just put a power limit slider in the gpu drivers so i can tell it what the power budget is without it needing to talk to the psu. and to think while they were specifying a stupid new connector to replace something that was already ok, they would have specified new structural members in the gpu mounting hardware to support ever growing render bricks.
  4. 7900xt is supposed to be pulling around 307w and the 5800x draws about 190w under load, and between the two thats only 500ish watts and assuming 100w for everything else the 600w should have been good enough, but i opted for an upgrade to 750 anyway to buy the headroom needed to allow for graceful aging of the hardware. unless the mobo, ssds, and the 5 cooling fans (all slim fans too, about 9.12 watts total if going full tilt, that includes the cpu fan) are somehow pulling a lot of power. e: i looked it up and it seems that the 7900x can spike as high as 400w in some games.
  5. crysis was spikey. its cooked off many an overspec'd underperforming psu. i dumped so much money into that core 2 rig and the thing could heat a room in alaska.
  6. im really not sure its the psu's fault at all. so far ive only had a problem in one game, and i can solve it by turning down the settings, at least until they make a better sfx supply. it just doesnt have the headroom id like. i blame gpu manufacturers for putting performance above all costs, efficiency being the big one. im also not putting it beyond just being a ksp2 bug. so far ive only had crashes in the vab, and not the game actual. id be somewhat interested in seeing if i could make it crash in game, but since i currently have no budget for a replacement, i dont think id be doing that. i think the psu is working as intended, opting to shut down rather than to destroy itself is good design. some games have had problems with their ui overloading the renderer, i think starcraft 2 had this problem where the ui would render a lot faster than needed for a ui and could result in cooking your hardware. perhaps ksp2 is the new crysis. that game has melted more psus than any other.
  7. i think my favoirte escort mission was in soviet strike, where you had to escort one boris yeltsin out of moscow while a coup was in progress. its one of this isometric games where you fly an attack chopper. so you are mostly shooting at tanks and infantry on the ground. of course he had to pull into a drive through and order a burger on his way out while being pursued by armor. and you have to keep the tanks and helis from blowing up the restaurant. of course its an escort mission so you have to hold cracking up until the end if you want to win. i should see if i could find the rom for that game. havent played it since i was 16 or so (sold my saturn and all its games so i could go to my first concert, metallica of course).
  8. teach 'em how to learn and get out of their way.
  9. i do not like cars. i do not like riding in cars, i do not like driving cars. they are sort of in the same category as smart phones for me.
  10. cheevo systems. its a feature implemented for no other reason than because everyone else is doing it. many of them are mediocre and never see much improvement. others are overloaded with impossible cheevos that do nothing more than waste your time.
  11. its all a matter of show me the thrust. with space launch costs coming down, its getting cheap enough to make a cubesat test article than it is to do more extensive labwork on the ground. and there are always idiots enthusiasts to scam crowdfund. whats a cubesat go for anyway? the price of an economy car? less post-starship.
  12. some would argue that is no different different from public schools. plenty of ignorant cultlike propaganda there, and where free thinkers are some sort of underclass. fall into lockstep or be shunned. march or die, to use a motorheadism. what passes for professional teachers is also somewhat questionable. professionals are not immune to cultlike behavior. also the playground is a better training for the real world than the classroom. any idiot can learn to multiply, but it takes skill to organize a revenge prank on a school bully. i was always an autodidact so i found any organized education more of a hinderance and waste of time, even when i had good teachers. hours spent filling out math worksheets or memorizing useless information could have been put to more industrious activities. when there was a book report, id just write up something on a book i had previously read (or seen the movie). by highschool i was actively gaming the system so that i could get a passing grade with the least amount of work. id intentionally fail tests and then take extra credit in the form of helping them clean out their closets. closets full of old computer parts. lots of apple2s, old ibm pcs, some really ancient stuff. made several working machines out of what was essentially junk. thats where i liberated my ti99 which i used to learn basic. so when i showed aptitude for computer science i ended up in a class where i could do that for 3 hours a day. and i had c/c++ down at age 15. then i had electronics classes, so i left highschool with a strong tech background, in an era before stem.
  13. i think the big thing i dont like is that its displacing forums for developer-community interactions in some games. i had the exact same problem with twitter and for the exact same reason. and both inhibit verbose communication.
  14. its a fairly new psu. i dont think we had any surges and the thing is on a suppressor. i threw tons of stress tests at the computer before i started using it. its also a fairly new gpu i think the drivers have only been updated a few times since it came out. so it might be a gpu driver issue.
  15. yea the fps went up, and like way up, was hitting over 90 (my fps has been everywhere and seems to change drastically every time there is a driver or game update). thats what did it. my temp fix is just to turn on super sampling and render at a lower res. frame cap may be a better solution, im not sure. ksp2 really doesnt need high fps since you are going to spend a lot of time physics limited. looking at power supplies now seems 750w is about the best you can get in an sfx. silverstone makes an sfx-l in 800w and 1000w flavors. its a little longer and i might not have clearance for it. i can get the 800w with whats left of my crypto, but that only gives me another 50w, and idk how solid they are. logic tells me to wait for the 1k model, but that's gonna be some wait, and i really didn't want to break a kw. i dont like flying this close to the sun.
  16. ksp2 has been a weird beast so far. every time i try to characterize its performance it throws a new monkey wrench. it ran really well at first, then less well after a driver update from amd. patch comes out and its improved a lot, but the game crashed twice in the vab. on the second run i couldnt get the computer to restart so i took the top off to turn the psu off manually and noticed how hot it was. it seems to be running fine now, so i guess its thermal cutoff feature works. its actually a sign of good gpu usage when you can melt the power supply. it sorta reminds me of the kinds of crashes that are still pretty common with cryengine games. needless to say im gonna start shopping for a new psu, provided i can find something that will fit the build. the machine itself is fairly new. no aio, its air cooled. no leds. and yes the cables are plugged all the way in (they are the old 8-pin and not those stupid nvidia squid cables, thats one of the reasons i went red). there is a bit of smushing going on, but the cables are fairly flexible and the radiuses are sensible. psu sources cold external air at the side (mesh on 4 sides) and exhausts it up the top. its got its own dedicated airflow path. its possible the fan isnt kicking in quick enough. natural convection will move air through it on its own. but it seems like the fan should kick in a little more than it does. im not beyond doing a fan mod on a psu though, just dont lick the terminals on the caps. case came with filters but i always take those out, they block airflow, i prefer to just dust regularly (and just did as of the gpu upgrade). i checked my power cables when i upgraded the gpu and they didnt get hot at all even after a couple hours of furmark. i should re-check that while in the vab, but i dont want to breeak something, this machine was already kind of a money pit.
  17. i had to turn down some settings. otherwise the psu seems to be going into thermal cutoff (while in the vab of all places). gpu and cpu seem to be cool as a cucumber, but the psu is taking the brunt of it. i found it uncomfortably hot to the touch after my rig went black screen. its got its own airflow path, but its fan isnt pushing much air. i dropped the res down from 4k to 1080 and turned super sampling on. that kept it stable enough to orbit a ship, but im gonna stop there for the longevity of my hardware. i should be inside my power budget by a good margin and i push 4k 120hz in most games i play. ksp2 is stressing it a bit harder than usual. ryzen 5800x 32gb ddr4 7900xt gen4 nvme ssd + gen3 nvme ssd (4tb total) corsair sf750 psu
  18. idk that it did audio chat any better than any other piece of software, both open and proprietary. the typical problem is people who dont know how to set up their mic right, and that effects every voip system. before that everyone was happy with team speak.
  19. i don't like it. or any other piece of software or hardware that requires membership in the phone zombie cult. much like bad music, bad tv, bad movies, and now bad games, you can always make up for deficiencies in design quality with extremely good marketing. so this jack of all trades master of none proprietary communications suite has grown tentacles. there isnt a thing it does that cant be covered with irc, vent, various forum softwares and file sharing apps. it does all these things, poorly. actually we should all be using cybico computers.
  20. i believe soccer was used for its international appeal. though i think it would have been funnier if it was a hockey game. the time travelers would be falling on their booties and the hockey players highsticking them in the face for interrupting their thing. of course they would apologize afterwords (unless it was an alaskan hockey game, we would throw fish at them, ive been to 2 hockey games, and this happened at both of them).
  21. i wondered why they didn't use grenade launchers. they have some rather impressive grenade launchers today they could have used. the weak underbelly would have made them vulnerable to mines, ieds, or a frag grenade fired at the ground directly beneath them. high calibur rifle, shotguns (which they did seem to have) loaded with slugs. their standard issue seemed to be spray and pray type weapons. and why even bother with the sidearms?
  22. you know i always assumed id already seen this movie, but i had it confused with edge of tomorrow, and therefor assumed i already saw it. anyway i have just rectified that error and watched the movie. was anyone else thinking, where the hell did the time travel tech come from? you know i almost bought that game. but i opted for carmageddon instead. i do not regret that decision.
  23. its snowing again. lol. had a late winter this year, but not a short winter.
  24. funny i got through high school without turning in a single page of homework. the only valuable thing i learned in school is not to let other people waste my time.
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