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  1. ok my khinook configuration was somewhat flyable but i had to incorporate roll thrusters. im also not getting the yaw rate i need. i think its a tuning problem. i think i need to find the neutral point, the minimum torque needed to maintain hover and make that the center point of the opposing torque curves for the 2 engines. of course it it works it should induce a pitch tendency, and so you would have to compensate by tweaking the blade pitch on the front and back rotors.


    i really like being able to micro manage my control systems.

  2. 1 hour ago, XLjedi said:

    The more I play with it... the more I don't see any need for it.  I just call em "Kerbo-Kopters" and use a reaction wheel as my pseudo-cyclic controller.  I could also probably assist with your single rotor designs.

    built a quad that came out pretty good without the need for reaction wheels. a tandem bicopter might work, giving good control on the pitch axis where it matters. maybe some degree of yaw control by using torque limits in concert with variable pitch. roll control would be handled fine with reaction wheels in hover and with some forward airspeed with ailerons on stub wings. the harrier jet has a compressed air system that takes bleed air off the engine and directs it to nozzles on the wing tips, nose and tail for better control in hover. easy to mod some rcs thrusters to run on intake air and electricity to simulate a compressor and jet nozzles. i always feel that reaction wheels are way op in this game and i try to avoid using them whenever possible (though it is still standard equipment on most spacecraft). 

  3. 18 minutes ago, Raptor9 said:

    Unfortunately, it appears that the rotor blades do not have the capability to control attitude of rotor craft via cyclically-feathering blade pitch as helicopters do; despite the rotor blades' PAW having Pitch/Roll/Yaw toggles.  For the moment, conventional helicopter designs will require other means to control attitude, such as reaction wheels.

    probably something that can be modded in. some kind of controller to set the pitch of each blade based on the phase of the rotor. 

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