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  1. This flat plain is what V2 was for. My irradiated crater.
  2. I neutralize your chemical reaction with a base. On the hill. My hill.
  3. Also - I feel I should mention: it feels poorly balanced to have 15 science as the first node and 45 as the second. Gathering science with low-tech parts becomes a chore. I'll try 10/25 and get back to you.
  4. How would I set this up to run unmanned before manned?
  5. @Delay Try setting it to False for everything you want it set for, load the save, quit, then set it to True.
  6. I personally find myself wishing that these were more easily usable in an early career game without too much modification. How could I go about doing that?
  7. I reclaim the hill with my surprise that the thread is still going. After six freaking years. How the hell have you people kept this up for so long?! For goodness sake, it predates the forum games rules!
  8. as god of this thread, i smite down your hill and raise a mountain my mountain
  9. I wonder how this thread is still alive, and in doing so create a new hill. My hill.
  10. @GregroxMun Is there a way to get just the lighting? I think I asked this a while back, but I can't find an answer.
  11. @Raptor9 Why not copy things to folders, perhaps organized by destination or purpose?
  12. @Raptor9 Could I get a .zip with all of the .craft files? I love all of these designs! Edit: Absolutely excellent choice of music for the trailer in the OP. AC6 FTW!
  13. I see. I more meant the slight denting of parts based on shell velocity, but if that doesn't work that's fine. Thanks!