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  1. Yeah, and I recognize that. Doesn't mean I can't still one day hope for it :p
  2. I will admit, I'm still holding out a bit of hope that Kerbin ends up not being devoid of life (if not on release then in later patches) tbh. I recognize that this is all personal preference, but it feels just a little too barren in stock KSP1.
  3. author's busy with life stuff i'd wager, they'll post when they're ready
  4. out of pure curiosity, is there a possibility we might see the grey-and-orange striped SRBs from some of the old concept art? some examples:
  5. just got around to reading this new chapter tears, man. actual tears.
  6. @MikenikeI should say, I didn't mean what I said as "oh he takes too long between chapters," I was just saying "yeah it gets quiet sometimes." @jimmymcgoochie Keep up the good work, I love reading what you post, no matter how long it takes.
  7. Both are usable at the same time, since they're two different systems. If you mean on the same engine, it works fine, but it'll be hard to see the Waterfall plumes because of RealPlume. I personally just disable the RealPlumes for engines that use Waterfall.
  8. Honestly: who cares? The writing quality is top notch, and it's not like it's that big a deal anyways. Gay relationships do exist in real life.
  9. It might just be me, but I can see a lot of kitbashing uses for the instrumentation on Pioneer-Venus, too.
  10. As mentioned earlier in the thread, no, though I don't remember the exact explanation.
  11. That would also work, though your margins will be thinner, and that SIV-C extension will be necessary. Are you planning on using the Block III/IV Kane for the Mun missions proper, or are you switching back to the Block II Kane when that time comes? Also, are you playing with boiloff?
  12. Alternate suggestion, if that doesn't end up working: use a triple-core version of the Sarnus 1C with the orange extended tank and asparagus staging. It works for Minmus, too. EDIT: Oh yeah, don't forget the SIV-C tank extension.
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