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  1. Hey hubbazoot, as posted in the first post, you dont need this pack any longer to make EPL work with Karbonite anymore, EPL has a stock adaptation, you can use the included EPL drills to get what you need ( or the stock game drills for that matter) The only things this pack does now, since its no longer needed, is add parts to EPL (i.e. the ones pictured in the first post, along with some optional parts)
  2. Yup minmuns being within the Kerbin SOI woulda been affected, so this update should fix it Download and let me know, Your reproduction rate should now be >1 (provided you have 20 civilians) Note: You'll need to grab it manually, as CKAN wont grab it for a couple hours at the least, usually - - - Updated - - - Hah! that is one heck of a ship! See the above post for an update with a new tweakscale config! I know you requested one
  3. Update What's this? A Biodome for ants?! Small update include: Fix for craft within Kerbin SOI without Civilian Docking ports. Fixed animation on small reactor (you may need to turn it off and restart for it to take effect, not sure) Added tweakscale config (for all storage and structural parts, no production or habitation parts at this time) Download as always on the front page
  4. No worries, already found the issue ,Just a small bug, already got it fixed and uploading a hotfix now. (basically didnt think about a ship within Kerbin SOI without a civi dock, cause no reason not to ) Didn't think about testing the craft on kerbin itself. If you had hyperedited the craft out to an outerplanet for example the reproduction woulda been fine. My apologizes! Complete oversite from me. Gives me a chance to also throw up the animation fix for the small reactor anyway. Give it two minutes and you'll have a hotfix uploaded. Also yea, if things are in the red for example, you will see the Population Decay Timer turn from being 0 , to counting down as your civilians die.
  5. You dont need a dock for civilians to reproduce, but reproduction is slow. With a minimum of 20 civilians, they will reproduce, but slowly,3 months per civilian at 20 pop, lowering as you get more. (small note, if you arnt already make sure you on 1.7.5 latest version, as there was a small bug with reproduction) If your ship is planned for the Kerbin system (or Mun or Minmus) you can include a civilian dock, (orbital, landing pad or radial) and Civilians will immigrate to you station or base, at a MUCH faster rate than reproduction, provided you are in the net positive for food production, they wont come to starving station So really no reason NOT to have a civilian dock if you are in the Kerbin or its moons SOI You wont see the civilians arrive (they come via civilian transport), Civilian numbers will tick up.
  6. Picture link is broken You might not have a Civilian dock, but cant be sure till ya fix the pic (try Imgur)
  7. Quick size check (check the sketchfab embedded below) This about the size your looking for? 3d kerbal in the model for reference. And im assuming from your sketch that you want the back end to be rounded? (hope i'm not completely misreading your sketch ) Lemme know whatcha need and ill make it happen
  8. Be happy to do it for ya (after the help you've already given me.) Just making sure i understand your diagram correctly. It seems like basically a stage ( sans top?)
  9. Nice Ill see about putting tweakscale support in (at least for structural and tank parts) in the next patch. Though the best way to add support for tweakscale (if implemented) would be through a module manager file. its easy to do if you have never done it. Something like this: (in its own textfile, labled "whatever".cfg @PART[[COLOR=#333333]t1CivAirTank]:NEEDS[Tweakscale] { [/COLOR] MODULE { name = TweakScale type = free }[COLOR=#333333] } This way it work only if you or someone else has Tweakscale installed, in addition , your config changes dont get overwritten when there is a mod update.
  10. If your talking about the OMD, (the large cyndrical white one), it currently only works if you have Kethane installed. (i posted a module manager config a page or two back which address this if you want) You can also use the stock resource scanning tools(or the small magnetometor included in EPL) just fine and they will find metalore.
  11. Id have to agree on that Love the Arkas (have landed on it several times and working on a colony ) But I cant imagine it with more than 3 moons honestly. 1 good healthy Mun sized one. And 2 smalller large asteroid sized ones.
  12. Yup Per his Mod screenshot, he's missing Community Resource Pack, which both CivPop, and MKS require, so almost guarantee that's the issue.
  13. By chance were the downloads through CKAN? ( I had an issue with CKAN for some reason downloading much older version than should be downloaded, like months or years old) If you did download through CKAN, try manually downloading the EPL, and Civpop downloads (latest versions) delete the ExtraPlanetary Launchpads, NetherDyne Aerospace, and CommunityResourcePack folder and install manually and see if that fixes the issue. EDIT: Also, just saw what may be the issue, You are misssing the CommunityResourcePack folder. this is a requirement and should have been in the download of CivPop, try installing that, and you ma be goood to go.
  14. Nice Ship! Regarding Tweakscale, I'm not against the parts being tweak-scale compatible, Just have never gotten around to doing one, Anyone is welcome to write up a config and send me a pull request and ill be happy to incorporate it. Regarding a electrolizer, I actually like that idea! Though realistically, it would give you oxygen/Hydrogen (or liquid Hydrogen for fuels sake) Its something that i'd incorporate into a Utility module (ive got some new models im making for a utility/industrial module) It should go hand in hand with a little longer term goal i have of developing specializations for civilians (i.e. Farmers, Doctors, etc) MartinKS, sorry bout the long delay in response (busy weekend) are you still having this issue? Generally it can be related to an install issue, (or possibly an out of memory error, from one having to many mods installed) If you are still having an issue, a screenshot of your GameData folder willl help.
  15. Timandy, any chance you can upload a full copy of your output_log, also a screenshot of your craft. I'm running both mods (obviously ) and cant reproduce your issues. Not sure its CivPop causing your issues, but happy to help Taniwha troubleshoot this. EDIT: Also a good idea to check the versions of your mods, (what version of EPL and CivPop are you running ( There should be a version file in the main Netherdyne folder and if you look at it (with a text editor) you'll see a version number
  16. Yea the engine module seen on page 2 is in the proccess of being remodeled. (heh.. when i first did it 5-6 month ago i was a noob in blender) I think it had several hundred thousand tri's So needless to say its being redone. I do like the engine system on the LADEE probe, and ill definitely see about incorporating it into the design EDIT: missed the first question. Regarding modeling the interior details, Since the system is gonna be modular, Never know which system the person might use on the top or the bottom, hence why i wanted them to have interior details. And some parts like the com system have deploy-able parts.
  17. Thanks! yea, the solar panels are a work in progress More than likely gonna change The bottom of modules would mostly be hidden, but ill put a bit more texture work into em. Slowly increasing skills ya know
  18. Made a little more progress on the battery/comm unit, Antenna is in and operation. Ignore the untextured solar panel, testing out some new textures for them. In the process of cleaning all the existing parts up and finalizing them, ProbeCore unit and engine, next , once i have those completed, will upload a alpha for folks to play around with... Any feedback welcome.
  19. LOL well the ignore what i posted above (though the advice on how to update Contract Configurtor Packs is still valid) I just didnt ever remember having a problem with stock contracts, the PDU always seemed to count for power generation, (which uses the same ModuleResourceConverter as the nukes) which is why i assumed he was referring to mod contracts Its been awhile since ive played career seriously
  20. Qm3ster, as far as i know, no stock contracts require you to have a power source, So the contracts your talking about, i assume, are mod contracts (from Contract Configurator im guessing) Ive used a bunch off them, and looked into the contract code, and the support for the Curved Solar panels is added by the contract itself, Not NFS or Nertea. So in this case it would be up to the maker of whatever contract pack you are useing to add support for the Reactors, not visa versa. They woulda have to go about it a little differently(since they use the regular ModuleResoureConverter), but it could be done by simply adding a PartValidation using the names of the reactors to their contract packs
  21. MartinKS, can you provide a copy of your KSP.log file (found in the main folder) or the output_log (found in the KSPData Folder), when you encounter this? Im not able to reproduce it, but ill look it over to see what going on. May be an install issue on your side or a mod conflict, (which shouldnt be the case) but i need more info Yup 20 is the minimum. I lowered the total needed a few patches ago. (coulda swore i updated the first page, but ill double check and fix it if not! Happy Colonizing.
  22. Check the KIS Items Catagory, ive noticed KIS seems to put items with the KISItem module, in that catagory. (though it should still be in Rovers custom catagor as well.
  23. Your issue with FTT it that you have 2 installs. (it should be in the UmbraSpaceIndustries sub folder, but i see it in the Main game data folder. And as roverdude said above, the MKS-Lite has less parts than the Full MKS , its ment to be a intro/starter for getting into MKS, if you are already experianced with MKS and want the full range of parts, go grab the main MKS install EDIT: And Golden has the rest.. missed the Firespitter issue.
  24. Im assuming IFI, is Intersteller Life support. I've never played with it, but based on my quick reading of its features, it seems very similar to USI-LS (one resource, and electricty required for kerballs) So not sure were you got the idea that USI-LS was too complicated I'd probably recommend asking on That mods forum post to see if someone has whiped up a config for MKS, (its alot easier then searching through 1200 pages )