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  1. Durnit... That was a complete over site They are supposed to hold all liquid-like and Gaseous consumables. I will make sure that gets in. (along with some decals for the side of the tank for each resource) Ill have a diffrent model in the works for solid stuff (ore etc.) Regarding the issues your having, Do you have TAC life support installed? (its suggested but not required) If you do have it installed, keep in mind your active Kerbonauts will consume life support as well (at double the rate as the Civllians, since they are alot more active , doin' EVA's and such ) So remember you'll have to account for thier consumption as well. So for example if you have 30 active kerbonauts(and extreme number i know, but its for an example ) , they would need a 5th large biosphere to support them as well. Let me know if you are using TAC or not, if not, ill investigate and see if its an issue.
  2. I do have plans for a civilian transport type craft, for those folks who wanna send just the minimal stuff out to a far flung planet, and bootstrap up all their building via EPL. Noodling over a design for it. With the big breaking changes of 1.1 it will give me an opportunity to make alot of changes ive been wanting to implement, without having to worry about breaking people's crafts And as a note, do remember, you need to send out at least 20 Civilians for them to start reproducing. Otherwise they wont , (you know.. not enough variation in the gene pool and so forth) As far as me personally, Ive generally build my large interplanetary Civilian outposts in orbit around say the Mun or Minmus, Using an Civilian Dock, i wait till they fill up via immigrations, and send them on their merry way to Duna or Eve (or where ever)
  3. Awesome update.. will be happy to see the new stuff a little early And who doesnt love bug fixes! My only suggestion/idea is regarding the mouse over kerbal portrait to see their job/stats. Id much rather it be more similar to DMagics awesome PortraitStats mod, Were the stars and a Job icon (Wrench for engineer, beaker for scientest) was displayed right on their portrait. This way you can see what you have at a glance, and not have to mouse over.
  4. No problem at all! Its set to do what the Smaller hexagonal stock scanner does now.
  5. Nice to see you taking over this one Angel Any big plans ahead for it?
  6. You'll have to give me more details that, "out of whack" Regarding those Load %... You can ignore those , they arnt alimiter or anything like that. They are simply a method used in the resource converter module to figure production amounts, (in fact i should remove them in the next patch) Each Biosphere is rated to support the max number of Civilians listed in the VAB tooltip, in the large Biosphere, 60 civilians to be exact. ( or as an easy reference, the large biosphere will support the large apartment block, the Medium the medium Etc. Civilian use approximately 1/2 the life support resources as Kerbaonauts do (since kerbonauts have a hard job!) So keep this in mind if you have lot of active kerbonauts on your station/base, You'll need to factor in their resources consumption if your using a life support mod, and possibly provide Ive got a few plans on changing around this system to make it a bit more intuitive and interactive, but thats coming in 1.1 , ill try to get a post up detailing the plans. - - - Updated - - - If im understanding you correctly, you looking for something that you can use to automatically resupply stations? Something like this has already been done, check out Routine Mission Manager: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/85630-1-0-4-Routine-Mission-Manager-v014 Holler if thats not what you ment
  7. 1.7.5 Update: Fixes: Kerbal Reproduction Bug, there should not be any lingering issues now with kerbals reproducing outside of the Kerbin SOI. Cleaned up textures on the mega drill. Refinements/Additions Cleaned up all right click menus, they should be more concise and easier to read now (this is in preparation for a New CivPoP UI in 1.1, removed all unneeded or static info that did not change. Added new Movie Type to the Theater! New :kiss:"Romance Movies" Provides a 10% bonus to Civilian Reproduction when playing (Per theater) New Parts: New Large Storage Tanks! These will hold Liquid/Gas/Loose stuff(like Organics and Substrate) Comes in 3 sizes (Regular, Large, Enormous!) NOTE: Older Smaller tanks are being phased out, They are still in the pack, but will be depreciated in a few patches, So if they on your bases now, might be a good idea to phase them out. NOTE: Firespitter has been added as a requirement to use the Resource Swittching Feature for these tanks, and future parts, it is included in the download. Download as always on the front page: New Tanks:
  8. Flexotubes are like KAS Pipes, you have to have a flexotube at the other end as well.. then just right click the other tube and hit "Attach"
  9. actually ive got a MM config laying around somewhere that adapts the OMD to the stock system, and it also seemed to work just fine using ModuleAnimateGeneric. EDIT Found it: @PART[OMD] { !MODULE[KethaneDetectorAnimatorUnity]{} MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateGeneric animationName = Deploy startEventGUIName = Open endEventGUIName = Close } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceScanner MaxAbundanceAltitude = 500000 RequiresUnlock = true ScannerType = 0 ResourceName = MetalOre } MODULE { name = ModuleHighDefCamera } MODULE { name = ModuleAsteroidAnalysis } MODULE { name = ModuleAnalysisResource resourceName = MetalOre } } I love how it looks so i just had to make it work
  10. MetalOre will not be found with scansat, without adding it to the scansat configs (that can be done, but thats for the Scansat thread) MetalOre works fine with the stock scanning mechanic. (throw up a m700 orbital scanner to get a rough idea of concentrations). then you can use the planetery overlay in the map screen to see resources.
  11. 3rd modular component almost completed. A Battery Comm's Module. Added some greebling to the outside of the modules (who doesn't love some gold foil) Also still creating a custom (real nice texture) for the solar. This part will have a deploy-able long range comms module for if your mission profile needs long distances, As well as an integrated Resource scanner (supporting scansat if installed) Still finishing up the animation but you can see the untextured model a page back. (did redo the dish a bit though) Also having to redo the engine Module from scratch unfortunately, the old model was good.. but i had WAAAAY to may tri's. I'm shooting for at least a downloadable alpha version by the end of the week if their are any takers looking to test it.
  12. You should try to create your own its pretty easy. Check out the Awesome tutorial posted by Beale on Part creation Found here : http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/entries/3232-Part-Modding-Tutorial-1-4-Modeling
  13. That works for me I'm assuming those two nodes would be place right after "Long-Term Habitation" ?
  14. Yup in reviewing placement, I wouldn't mind seeing a node beyond Long Term Habitation, for my largest parts, if that's suitable with you Nertea, and Roverdude (would probably be a place for the Larger mks MarkIV's, or whatever your gonna call em Rover )
  15. Think I isolated the issue, will get a fix out for you tomorrow afternoon.
  16. You dont appear to be doing anything wrong, Lemme review and test and ill get right back to you
  17. Nice! I don think ive ever gotten out to Pol Are you positively producing Food? If you are loseing food, or at a static food production , they wont reproduce. There has to be at least a small positive on food production for make new civies. Let me know if you have positive food production and still arnt getting new Civies. (also note that it takes several weeks to a month for a new civie to spawn) Also I noted the little small tanks you placed around your base. Got a part in the next release that should help the resoure tank spam Different size large resource containers.
  18. Glad your enjoying them! Also glad to see someone using the Empty Habdomes, ive been kinda wondering how much use they get. Ive also been meaning to revamp em, pretty them up a little bit as well as add more options ( They are really cheap to implement memory wise) As far as IVA's go , they are staying. Thats been settled for a while, just haven't got around to pageing a mod to get rid of the pole (wont let you do it yourself apparently )
  19. Alot of maths.. spreadsheets, and calculators probably. It could be done but you'd have to figure out things like how many m/s each charges gives in kerbin atmo etc, etc, etc. Basically you dont figure it out unless you have feel like doing the work Mechjeb or KER inst setup to handle figuring in this type of propulsion.
  20. Made some more texturing progress Resupply module next. The resupply module will carry several different cargoes depended on what needed. Supplies(for USI), Food/Oxy/Water (for TAC) Small suppy of RocketParts , etc etc, etc,. Will be switchable via Firespitter Fuel Switch. Have textures made for all those. Open to suggestion for any other cargo types. Oh and ignore the pink textures on top, its temporary, working emissives for them tomorrow. As you can see in the below picture the modules will all have the same format/size (except for the Command moduler top, Landing Legs and Engine module) So you can stack as many or as few as you want for the mission profile. Thats the Resupply and fuel module stacked.
  21. wohoo! nice to see this in the release forums Congrats Love this mod and highly looking forward to the Copernicus and Nautilus too!
  22. Module Manager is your friend With it you can easily change configs too your liking. (And it also eliminates the issues of your MM config getting lost when the pack gets updated)
  23. depends on whats going on, need more info really, a screen shot of the craft your using to build would be helpful, also if you right click the command pod of that craft and look at that menu, there should a stat called productivity. If its below 0 you wont be able to build anything. Also if your doing this Sandbox, science or career. Productivity is determined by the Stupidity of the kerbal(the less they have the more productivity) and if i remember correctly their Star Level , (the more the better) So if you make sure you workshop is staffed by non-stupid, well stared engineers, you should be good to go.