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  1. Sorry if its already been asked, any word on the DEMV rovers? Those things were awesome
  2. Hey Thanks for the config! been wanting a way to cleanup the life support part list. Where in the Game Data folder do you drop this config? I tried in the TACLS folder, and it doesnt seem to have any effect. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hrm, Confirmed on the shadows, at least in the VAB, used to have them under Direct X, will go land on the Mun, to see if shadows show up when landing.
  4. I can report the same savings Eisfunke, By forcing opengl, i seem to save well over a gig of RAM, From 3.4gb down to about 2.2gb using OpenGL, it does not seem to affect performance on my machine, (And like you i am using a pretty beefy desktop. Running about 40 mods with a 2.5gb GameDATA folder, on the 32bit client.