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  1. I second this idea I can totally see a solar sysem model next to my runway!
  2. Daniel.l this pack is looking really interesting Send me a PM if you would like any help figuring out ways to utilize the CivPop parts Working on a block of new parts for that pack right now, and may be able to throw together some custom stuff for you (time permitting )
  3. Great! Good to hear with Progeny. When im at my home computer ill play with the recipes a bit more, and if i'm still having issues i post up what i got
  4. @Taniwha, Hey, was wondering if you had anymore documentation on the Recipes feature, (i know you posted a few pages back saying you are working on it. ) Working on integrating Recipes into CivilianPopulation going off the examples you posted on page 305, but having issues actually getting any results. (for all i know im doing it wrong )
  5. haha, love the mod! Pretty useful though i dont think i WANT to know how much i play
  6. Thanks for continuing it Gaalidas! Loyal user here. And wish Lo-Fi all the best!
  7. i can almost guarantee you this is not caused by CRP, as all it is , is simply a bunch of resource definitions. If you can reproduce the same error running ONLY CRP , then we may have an issue. I myself have CRP and OPM on the same install and have not experianced this. So your likely cause is conflict with another mod and OPM (or something else) id honestly recommend a fresh installl of mods, installing them 1 or 2 at a time and testing and starting the game to see where the conflict lies.
  8. I haven't messed with BDArmory, but im assuming Ammo is considered a Resource? If so then yes, it is normal. As EPL doesnt build the resource along with the part (I.E. you build a fuel tank, it will start empty, not full , unless you transfer fuel to it via another tank or an ISRU-unit producing fuel)
  9. I carefully searched all the screen shots for any site of wormsign.... Should be safe to land.... Seriously awesome.
  10. Trust me, the modding addiction all starts with a little tweaking here and there, before you know it, you'll be creating models, and coding plugins I highly recommend you check out Beales Part modding tutorial (it uses Wings3d which is a very user friendly and free 3d modeling program) and make a custom part for your Florine Fuel tank (tanks are the best place to start) and then once you got that down, try your engine!. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/entries/3232-Part-Modding-Tutorial-1-4-Modeling
  11. its not really on Squads to do list as far as i can tell. Things can change though. And if all else fails, No reason something like that couldnt be modded in
  12. Nice! Grats to you EJ! Love watching you stream when i cant catch ya!
  13. Grabbing the download and will test this evening Rio , and report back
  14. Thats actually on the to-do list Me and Cosmic_Farmer have been slowly working over alot of the older models. The smallest Hydroponic Garden is a example.
  15. Yes it is @sharkman, and they can be really helpfull, If you dont have an IRC client, use this link here. http://webchat.esper.net/?channels=kspmodders (should take you directly to the channel)
  16. Rover has said the that hab effects will be a toggleable option in the settings, so you'll be able to turn it off it you dont want it.
  17. I use Deep freeze currently with USI-LS and it works fine, the kerbals are pulled out of active and treated as Frozen(basically dead) so they do not use resources. I'd imagine the DF Dev may need to update the mod for the new release of USI-LS, but i dont see why he wouldnt
  18. Any mod that is openly licensed is what your looking for (i.e. Creative Commons, GPL, MIT, etc) If the mod is for personal use you dont need to do much more. Just go mess with the parts and have fun!. If you do plan on redistributing something youve done, make sure you read the source mods particular license, most will just require attributions and such, just take a look at the license.
  19. That little ckan badge you see on the kerbal stuff page simple means that roverdude selected the option when uploading to have CKAN track the mod, It does take a while to get listed. (or someone with CKAN, may have to manual setup a netkan file) All in all i would post in the CKAN thread if you want to make sure it gets listed. Im pretty sure RD has said in the past that he doesn't actively support the listing of mods, instead just lets the ckan folks take care of it if they wish. (feel free to correct me if i misheard or read Rover )
  20. I love the idea of a Sci-Fi weapons pack for BDArmory , Adrimal!
  21. Glad folks like the new stuff, if you like the new mega drill, it goes great with the large civpop landing legs if you looking to land it! (I build them with EPL, but im sure someone wants to land 'em) ive got a few parts id like to get out in the next few days. I was hoping to get the new UI built before 1.1, but it looks like 1.1 will be coming sooner than expected, so I will probably delay rolling it out till 1.1 drops since it will need a bit of a rewrite for 1.1 anyway. For folks running UKS, ill be rolling out some additions for compatibility (letting the the parts utilize logistics, adding recycling etc. For folks running EPL, I'll also be adding support for EPL's new recipe feature. Basically make its so modders can specify what a part takes to build, in addition to just rocket parts. I.E. To build a Hydrosphere, you would need say 5k rocket parts, substrate (for soils) and Organics (for the plants). Those numbers arnt anything final obviously but Looking forward to adding this feature Lastly ill be depreciating all the life support / substrate containers that are in the pack(they look horrible ) and im gonna replace them with some larger and much better looking ones.
  22. O_o that is indeed a huge chute! Awesome! now i really cant wait for the next update