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  1. Hi @Nertea ! There seems to be a slight issue with the compatibility patches between Mark IV Spaceplane and Cryogenic Tanks : each time I boot up KSP and ModuleManager kicks in, I'm getting some errors in the log and in the ModuleManager text box. Here's the excerpt from the log showing all 10 errors: I'm not savvy enough with MM to actually understand much of this unfortunately. http://pastebin.com/1V73yYQq It doesn't seem very important, but it's still an error so I figured I'd let you know.
  2. Hi there @Crzyrndm ! I was wondering if there's a resource icon pack available somewhere or, alternatively, if it's possible to adapt existing icon packs like the one @Olympic1 did for Alternate Resource Panel. The latter covers many resources but the icon size is 32x16 while I believe the Filter Extensions ones are 32x32.
  3. Gotcha. I was using ModularFlightIntegrator at that time so that might be the reason? I don't know enough about that mod but I suspect it may have something to do with the Aero Overlay. Anyways it's working now and I have been able to dock multiple times with different ships so hopefully this crash was a one time thing. I'll be cautious with F12 though until this bug is fixed
  4. @JPLRepo Sorry for the late answer I hadn't seen the answers in this thread. I had been using the Part Highlighting option in the settings but the Aero Overlay was switched off: the game would just crash from a cold boot as soon as I got the two vessels close enough. I have since trimmed down my modlist and I did a clean reinstall of my game and mods. I have been able to dock the two ships without issue but I don't understand where the crash came from: most mods I had been using are there again and now it just works whereas it didn't before...
  5. Hi everyone, Just as I thought 1.2.1 had solved all my problems with KSP, I've encountered a bizarre crash: I'm trying to dock two vessels in orbit and as soon as one comes near the other (I suppose within the loading range), I can only catch a glimpse of the ship I'm trying to dock before the game crashes. The crash is 100% repro in my save file, there is simply no way to rendez-vous these two vessels without the game crashing on me even on a clean boot. Here's the log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzi4vbI8ETh_V0k5WFQ4c1pYNUE My mod folder: http://i.imgur.com/UGX9eRo.png
  6. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! I had definitely not understood the square root part properly, it makes a lot more sense now. I also have tweaked down the antenna power in the difficulty option, which made it slightly more difficult to grasp the whole thing. I've been playing for years but I had never used RemoteTech or anything like it before, it raises some new questions and challenges. I've now set up a tripod as well so I can have a constant signal from KSC in low Kerbin orbit. It looks very cool in the map view and functions properly. I think I've grasped the basics thanks to you, I can't wait to go bigger once I'll have interplanetary goals. Thanks again for your help @WanderingKid and have a great day
  7. On my keyboard, that would be the set of two keys right under the default ones (which I use to switch between active vessels). On my AZERTY keyboard, they are labelled ^ and $. Here's a link to my mapping You can see the two keys between the letter P and Enter. I don't know what they are called in the game syntax
  8. You have no idea how happy I am to see that HullcamVDS is up and running! This is one of my favorite mods for immersion and screenshots, it just adds so much especially in conjunction with RasterPropMonitor. Thanks a million @linuxgurugamer and @Ser ! Just a quick question: I'd like to remap the keys used to cycle the cameras and I understand I have to edit the CFG file in the mod folder. However, I don't know the syntax used in KSP for key bindings, is there any documentation I could check to know what to write? I have an AZERTY keyboard, being French, and it gets quite tricky without a keymap of sorts. Thanks in advance
  9. Ah got it! My tracking station was still level 1 (the grind is real when you have to unlock parts with science + funds) so that's why my relay wasn't working as expected. I followed your advice and set up intermediary relays and now it's all good. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi everyone, I am playing a modded career in the new 1.2 version and I've set the difficulty to hard with no groundstations and about 0.25 DSN power in order to encourage me to build a communication network. Now in my early career I only have the HG-5 antenna to use as a relay, however it doesn't seem to work: I've launched a set in keo-stationnary orbit at an angle from KSC so it always has signal, yet it doesn't seem to be able to transmit anything. When my other probes are behind Kerbin and do not receive signal from KSC anymore, my relay doesn't do anything even when there's a direct link between the two sats. Here's the way it's set up now : the sat and its orbit
  11. Here's the log @Malah : http://pastebin.com/k1mtwxfa I just copied-pasted the last few lines since the file is huge and it keeps spamming the same exceptions. Here's what the debug window shows when I open the QuickBrake config window :
  12. Same here @Malah, I can't use QuickBrake at all and it's not even set to use Blizzy's Toolbar. When I click on the icon in the Stock Launcher, it'll just show a very tiny window in the center of the screen and I'm not able to do anything with it. Désolé pour le dérangement
  13. Awesome! Thanks a lot for the info I knew about the issue but I couldn't get any info on what had already been done. I'll leave a message on the other threads if it hasn't been done already.
  14. Hey there @blizzy78 ! You're probably aware of it but I thought I would ping you just in case: there is a serious bug involving the Toolbar mod and mods that depend on it. For a quick repro, just install Contract Configurator and Persistent Rotation and you'll see that the config window in Persistent Rotation is broken with no way to interact with it. I don't know if that's on you or other mod authors but I just wanted to let you know anyways.
  15. So whose job is it to fix this? I haven't really understood if there is something wrong with the code in the Toolbar mod or if the others have to change the way they interact with it (sorry if I'm dumbing it down too much). Right now, most Toolbar windows in my game are completely out of whack.
  16. Got it! In the meantime I've discovered that the Belle TRU telemetry unit and a few other probe cores ("Pog", "Rorat", "Amba", etc.) behave in the same way as the stock Probodobodyne: that's exactly what I needed, that is, an inline antenna of sorts that can relay a signal until I'm in LKO. Then I can ditch the fairings, extend the antenna of my new satellite and it's all good. It turns out I was mistaken by the "Rorat" probe core: I assumed it needed an external antenna to work, whereas it just needed some batteries...I assumed all the probe cores were the same. My bad! To sum it up, all your probe cores with non-toggleable antennas will work perfectly while using this difficulty setting.
  17. Not that I am aware of. From what I've seen, it's the same whatever the probe/antenna: if you check the "No partial control" option, you will have to extend the antenna in the editor prior to launch, or you won't have any control on the launchpad. And it makes fairings unbelievable tedious to make and quite ugly, since you have to account for the extra space needed for the antenna. The only exceptions I've seen so far are: the new version of the Communotron (it's already extended and there's no toggle option) the probodobodyne probe core (the octogonal one) which has a built-in antenna with no toglle as well Basically if you could make the BDB probe cores behave in the same way as these two, it would be awesome for those of us who'd like to play on hard difficulty with no partial control. Currently, this "realism mode" actually requires to build your vessel in an odd way.
  18. Yeah that's what I'm assuming too. I just wish there were more practical options since I am now required to have an ugly antenna extended somewhere on my vessel to have control, whereas in reality all the launch procedure would be automated up to the point where the antenna on the probe itself is extended and operational.
  19. Ok, I've understood why the antennas weren't working. They need to be extended in the VAB before launch, otherwise you won't have any control and therefore won't be able to extend them. I think I'll just enable the "Partial control" option since it's just a major pain in the ass to have to extend antennas in the editor: fairings need to be much larger or taller, and it just doesn't make sense to me.
  20. Hi guys! I have just restarted a career in 1.2 now that my modlist is complete and I have started to use this awesome mod by @CobaltWolf. However, I got some troubles with the antennas and the new stock KerbNet. Basically I am wondering why the antennas provided in the early nodes of the tech tree like the Belle B81 or the KD2 antenna cannot serve as a relay. These two have the exact same characteristics as the Communotron yet they won't help me control a probe even on the very launchpad (I am running this career in Hard mode: no control at all if there is no signal). Am I doing something wrong? Let's say I'm just using a very basic setup like an "Obelix" probe core and a B81 antenna, why can't I control this craft at all?
  21. Are you using CKAN to install the mod? If so, you can just uncheck the box, delete the cache and then download the version called "Stock Visual Enhancements-Medium Res". It contains textures with a lower resolution that should ease the load on your rig. Otherwise, you can just download the same file from the first page of the mod thread. I haven't tweaked the settings myself since they are fine-tuned by @Galileo and I don't know enough about EVE and Scatterer to change the config. But he might be able to help you uncheck some performance intensive options like volumetric clouds for instance.
  22. Hi @noobsrtoast ! What is your GPU model precisely? Only 1Gb of VRAM sounds a bit low but you should be able to use Stock Visual Enhancements on Medium or Low I think. Are you sure the game is rendered by your GPU and not by your CPU? I know there is a way to force it through drivers but I've only done it on my laptop which has a Nvidia card so I don't know where to look for AMD.
  23. Thanks @Galileo ! There begins my quest for optimization and performance! I'll see what mods/parts I can shear. Right now, the FPS is not the biggest of my concerns since the games tends to crash a lot due to the huge memory allocation (more than 8 Gb, prone to crashing on scene change). Just a last question: do you use the default DirectX9 or do you force DX11? I tried OpenGL with -force-glcore but it seems to break Scatterer completely.