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  1. Hey guys, was having issues with updating to 1.3.1 from 1.22 and updating mods so I started with a clean install and redownloaded all the current mods. KSP continues to hang up at the end of the loading screen, with the freeze occuring on different modules after removing the module it previously froze on. The logs show errors with finding internal parts, although I cannot tell if it is from a mod or a squad part a mod is looking for. I am aware I have many mods, and am thinking about to try Active Texture Managment. The game hangs with various amounts of memory reserved according to activity manager, and I did not have these issues with 1.22 with the same mods. I am running on a laptop with only 16 GB ram, have not tried to reproduce these problems on the desktop with more memory. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! KSP: 1.3.1 64-Bit(I believe) Mac OS X Problem: KSP hangs on loading screen Mods installed: B9_Aerospace (Base, HX, Legacy) BetterTimeWarp EnvironmentalVisualEnhancments DMagicOrbitalScience Extraplanetary Launchpads FS Hanger Extender Heat Control Interstellar Fuel Switch KAS KIS KerbalStats Kopernicus KSS (Kerbal Star System?) MechJeb All Near Future mods Procedural Fairings RealChute RealPlume ScanSat scatterer StageRecovery Kerbal Alarm Clock Docking Port Allignment Indicator TweakScale PathFinder, Buffalo, etc Interstellar Extended Reproduction: Starting KSP, hangs at the end of load, crashes after a few minutes Log:
  2. Thanks for the responses! I did end up trying to redo the fuel pods, putting the RCS after the orange tank and then putting struts all over the place. It helped a bit, but I ended up just having to keep the throttle down to about 25% for the entire Duna burn. On a plus side, I put some poodle engines on the new pods to try to balance the forces on the pods when I accelerated, so once I dropped the transfer stage I was able to go full throttle in the Duna SOI! Thanks again! Sorry for the picture angle, I had trouble getting good lighting and Duna/Ike both in the picture. Derek I am going to try side saddle next time, after launching the core for this set up I thought about docking in that way but the solar panels would have broken off :/.
  3. Hey guys. I just finished assembling my first Duna ship in science mode and am having a bit of trouble. The ship is below. It is a simple stock ship with KAS/KIS added. There is the large Duna burn stage at the bottom, with an orbit insertion/maneuvering stage above it (orange tanks). The two landers will drop down to Ike and Duna respectively, and once I am done gathering science I will have it all transferred to the storage module below the command pod, which will detach from the maneuvering stage and head back to kerbin with the tug at the end. However, despite trying to stabalize the vertical fuel pods on the maneuvering stage with KAS struts, every time I accelerate they seem to break off. Anybody have any ideas on how to prevent this? I do have a port on the front of the tug, so I could send up more struts for Bill to place on the tanks. The struts fixed the initial problem, which was the tanks would wobble and snap off. I think the mission would still work if I just dropped the tanks altogether, but after spending the time to get them up to the ship I would like to keep them.