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  1. I tried reinstalling the mod and restarted my PC, and one of the two seems to have fixed it, but I can't really say which one. Haven't found any successful way to re-create the bug, so I can't help you too much there sadly. All of the visuals do look incredible however, so I want to give you a quick thanks for this!
  2. Look very good! However, I am having an issue with Hyugen, namely that the dust clouds seem to be about 5-10km too high up. Here's an image of what I'm talking about. The surface works normally, but the clouds are shifted up, and don't appear on the surface.
  3. I saw this really simple contract asking me to mine a couple thousand units of ore on Eve and bring it to Duna. Sorry whatever company it was, but I don't care how many millions you give me, I'm not doing that
  4. Since the Pre-Joolian launches have no way of getting you points for this challenge, I don't think the funds for those are counted
  5. Wow, your probes are tiny! All of your ships so far are way smaller than what I have planned. But your mission is way further ahead than mine is, so who am I to judge. Looking pretty nice so far
  6. Well, now that the game is a little more optimized, I want to build even bigger than I did before. My current idea/goal is to make a ~10,000 ton Cargo ship that can ferry around a couple thousands tons of cargo. Unfortunately, I'll need to wait for the Welding mod to be updated before actually building it, as 2,500 parts would be too much even for 1.1
  7. Yeah, DarkMP solved this issue by having all players in their own "universe" and they could sync the time up together and interact with each other. Probably one of the best solutions to the issue you describe
  8. Well, I've played with 1,000 part stations in 0.90, and now that I've got a 4790k, I'll see if I can push the limits of 1.1. If it gets too bad, I may just resort to making it a couple launches
  9. That's more what I was thinking of. Make a giant ship that then separates and deploys bases, cargo, rovers, planes, satellites (the satellites would be sent deployed before the rest obviously), so on. My idea was that it would save some costs, but I'm not sure of that the more I think about it. I'll do some crude math later and see if it's feasible
  10. I might do this on Easy or normal to start getting back into KSP. Let's see if I can do this whole challenge with 1 giant mothership
  11. When your payload weighs more than any human rocket ever made
  12. I had seen your Origin Grand Tour before, and it's very useful to determine my route. I am actually thinking of copying you and making an ion tug for Moho, but that depends on how much Delta-V it can have when towing 15 tons. As for the mothership, I was planning on giving it 15,000 Delta-V, as the lander would be able to reach Eeloo, Dres, and most of the Jool moons alone. But your ion lander has insipid me. I'm going to go change some stuff now, see if I can fit a tug in a Mk. III cargo bay Also, I'm not quite sure it's possible to get 25,000 m/s of Delta-V without ion engines. Unless you asparagus hundreds of Nervs
  13. While the approach of going uber-lightweight is definitely a very efficient and valid one, my plans for this mission was to have everything be huge. In the past, I generally always stayed in the middle in terms of craft size, weight, and D-v, but I want to experiment with both huge and tiny projects. This is my huge project In a normal mission that weighs, say, 200 tons, a 25 ton lander is gargantuan. It would make up 1/8 of the entire mission weight. But for this mission, 25 tons is only 1.666% of the mission weight, an so I won't put too much effort in to changing it.
  14. I've been having more trouble with the Tylo modifications that with Eve's tbh. The lander itself, because of weight, has extremely poor TWR, and so I end up losing a lot of Delta V landing on Tylo. Being able to use parachutes on Eve greatly helps, as well as the fact that I have allocated a lot more room for the Eve addons on the mothership than for Tylo's. The Lander itself is a lander can (Mk. I) with a bit of mono prop, few solar panels, ~1700 Liquid fuel, and some docking ports. It flies using a single Aerospike, which I found to be the best compromise on power, weight, and size. I could have put some small experiments on it, but because I'm doing this in Sandbox, I figured they'd just raise part count
  15. While you are definitely correct in stating that it's over-engineered for most places, it is "only" 25 tons, which is quite small when compared to the 750 ton mothership.
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