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  1. My god... it might finally come to light... A procedural engines mod that I've wanted forever! So much so in fact that I was thinking about trying my hand at it as well. I truly hope you get this to the level of functionality that you've said you want to reach. If you do end up reaching that goal, I have to say this might be one of the best mods KSP has seen. Keep up the great work!
  2. I think it's just many photos without the extension. If you look at pictures of the stage that it's meant to be used on, almost all, if not all of them have the extension. The stage I'm referring to is the KVTK, shown here.
  3. I think the only criticism I have is the lack of a working nozzle extension on the RD-0146. Not only does it look a bit odd(can't put my finger on it), but, in reality, it would fail to meet its true potential in a vacuum without said nozzle extension. Kinda like how the nozzle extension works on the "Chelyabinsk" or the RL-10 in the cryo engines mod pack is what I picture here. Other than that, I can say that this is one of the best engine backs I've seen in quite some time. Keep up the fantastic work! Example:
  4. Will Liquid Methane + LOX tanks get added to this? Seems like a no-brainer with Raptor variants and Blue Origin engines in your "NFLaunchVehicles" mod. Sorry if this has been asked earlier, I'm posting this and then I have to get to work on a project for my job. If anyone has any details and could share, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  5. Here are some Realplume configs for the "Knes" mod pack. I made a config for anything I could find that had a "ModuleEngine" in its' config. Download Link is here. It's hosted on Google Drive. Hopefully, this will be of use to some people that use the mod and haven't seen my post in its thread.
  6. Here are some Realplume configs I made for anything I could find that had a "ModuleEngine" in its' config. Download Link is here. It's hosted on Google Drive. I hope these are of good use to you, and I hope you continue development of this mod. Have a good one!
  7. Would you ever consider organizing this massive project a bit better? As someone that has an already large install, I prune parts that I don't need or want in order to save space. I also have to assume that I'm not alone in doing so. Right now I'm going through hell trying to pick out what's what by file name and crossing my fingers. I want to use this parts of this pack, but the folder structure is almost completely off-putting. I mean, there's an "engine" folder that contains maybe one-eighth of the engines in this pack. The only reason I'm still at it is because the quality of the work that
  8. SpaceX drops plans for powered Dragon landings... Well, at least we can still do it in the game, so there's that.
  9. Same results here as well. I really have no idea as to why it hasn't been pushed to at least release candidate with so many people wanting and waiting patiently. It feels wrong for me to be able to play with a (personally) completely stable 1.2.2 build while I see everyone else that doesn't know how GitHub works get slapped down by not knowing how it handles branches. Not everyone is a mod / software developer, so it makes sense that they wouldn't know how GitHub works. Not everyone that consumes your mod should know how to work the website. In fact, the most they've probably used it for is to
  10. Absolutely amazing! I just expected a general guide, but this... Now I get the engines and mounts, plus a little coding exercise. I don't think you know how much I appreciate this!
  11. 4X Scale is best scale. That's all I can play with when not using RSS/RO. Sigma Dimensions makes it so easy to play with different sizes, scales, and atmo height. Going back to stock Kerbin is really, really hard to use anymore. You can go virtually anywhere with a single stick.
  12. @Shadowmage I'd really just like the engines and maybe the mounts if they provide anything special. For the SRB's, I can use stock parts plus other from other mod packs.
  13. This, personally, isn't a problem. It's sad that a mod that has some of the best engine models I've seen can't be used without using the rest of the pack... It's really quite frustrating... No ill-will to @Shadowmage if that came off the wrong way. Honestly, with how good the engines are, I'd actually be willing to spend money on them as if they were unofficial DLC, and that's the truth. You have some fantastic modeling + texture abilities I guess I'll go back to MM'ing engines from other packs to fit my needs like I've been doing. I really just wanted authentic, good looking engines
  14. Could there possibly be a smaller mod pack released in the OP with just the engines, mounts, and assets? They look absolutely phenomenal, and, honestly, they are some of the best engines I've seen made for KSP. In the OP, there's something entitled "Ship Core: Engines", but I don't see anything that includes just the engines, mounts, and the assets for said parts. The main reason I'm asking is because, after looking in the GitHub repo, I can make out some of what's needed, but in no way can I find them all without many, many, errors and quite a bit of time with trail-and-error. I'm also n
  15. @Capt. Hunt, here's a new vernier engine that uses LH2/LOX based off of the stock verier engine using MM. Along with the fuel change, the ratios were change to go inline with the other cryo engines, the ISP was buffed due to the fuel change, and the entry cost + cost were adjusted accordingly. The original vernier engine's title was also changed so the LFO and LH2 versions can be easily distinguished. @PART[vernierEngine]:NEEDS[CryoEngines] { @title = Vernor Engine (LF/OX) } +PART[vernierEngine]:NEEDS[CryoEngines] { @name = vernierEngineCryogenic @title = Vernor Engine (LH2/OX) @entry
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