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  1. davidpsummers

    Nuclear Space Plane for Eve. Possible?

    Looks like the answer is no. Any suggestions on taking a long thin rocket and keeping it upright when it touches down? I assume plenty of parachutes will make it gentle and help.
  2. davidpsummers

    Nuclear Space Plane for Eve. Possible?

    The delta-V map says 6000? Is that not likely to do it? How about the SRBs?
  3. davidpsummers

    Nuclear Space Plane for Eve. Possible?

    So the only real option is drop a stages rocket onto the surface with parachutes?
  4. I've been trying to make an all nuclear space plane for Eve. The problem is that I don't have enough thrust. My most recent attempt (see below) could, even if boosted into low alt. flight by drop engines (not shown), not quite maintain speed at level flight. Now it is intended for Eve where, I suspect, given the thick atmosphere, I could replace wings (I was trying to reduce the stall speed) with much smaller ones. Is there any chance that will be enough to reach stall speed on taxis and that I could get into orbit before I run out of fuel? https://www.dropbox.com/s/25z981pqdzdiovi/Nuclear Space Plane.png?dl=0
  5. davidpsummers

    gliding - Max Distance

    Not really comparing. All my planes glide "reasonably" well. It is mostly, if I have come in short, what can I do to compensate. 5 degree of AoA sounds right. I know that over 15 you actually loose lift? Not sure what to maintain speed. You need to stay above the stall speed. Slow means less drag, but it means you cover less ground? I'll look at the mod. (I'm actually using 1.3)
  6. davidpsummers

    gliding - Max Distance

    If you are doing an unpowered decent with a space plane, is there any guides on what do to do to get maximum distance from your glide?
  7. davidpsummers

    Help! Ship swallowed by Asteroid.

    I am using version 1.3.1. I tried the cheats. It took more than "no crash damage" and "unbreakable joints". I had to check a couple more before the ship was thrown clear intact.
  8. davidpsummers

    Help! Ship swallowed by Asteroid.

    IIRC, was trying to move it while keeping the heading constant and when I switched out of map mode, it was like that. But I might be misremembering and it was like that when I switched back to it from another vessel.
  9. davidpsummers

    Help! Ship swallowed by Asteroid.

    OK. Slight update. If I scroll _into_ the asteroid I can do actions for the parts inside the asteroid. That means I can dock another ship and recover the crew at least. OTOH, I still can't recover the ship, as releasing the grappling unit (or undocking the module it is in) causes and explosion with destroys the part of the ship inside the asteroid.
  10. I captured an asteroid with the advanced grabbing unit. It was fine, until suddenly, my ship was embedded in the asteroid, as in the screen capture below. So now I'm stuck. I can't reach the grabbing unit to release the ship. I can't even get to the lander can to get the pilot out and abandon the vessel!
  11. davidpsummers

    Missing Unknown Objects in Tracking Station

    I saw that some didn't come up until I focused on Kerbal. I'll check Dres....
  12. I'm waiting for a Class D asteroid for a contract. My tracking station says I have 7 unknown objects (there is a "7" under the icon". I can see only 3 on the map. Am I missing something?
  13. davidpsummers

    [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    So it is "angle to prograde" or "angle to retrograde" but doesn't KER already have that someplace else?
  14. davidpsummers

    [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    I am lead to believe that the Phase Angle is the angle with respect to the target body you need to have in order to do a hoffman transfer. But numbers in KER changes as you go around your orbit, and the phase angle it suppose to be a fixed number?
  15. davidpsummers

    How to do a good gravity turn

    Note: The number calculated in the VAB is not adjusted for changes in your engines Isp at different pressures. The default is "vacuum" and your ship almost certainly has less delta-V than listed. I find that the "vacuum delta-V" is more like 3800 m/s. If you are using Kerbal Engineer, you can hit "atmosphere". But even that will give you the sea-level atmospheric pressure, which is the worst case (you rocket will spend most of its time at a lower pressure. You can try and play games with look at the delta-V of the different stages at different attitudes and estimate how much time it spends at those altitudes and get a better correction. That is, IMO, more annoying than fun.