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  1. Hey Guys, some Users of our ksp forum had the awesome Idea to make a rocket engine level system. As you know it is possible to level up your Kerbals, now we thought why you can't level up your engines?! We think it is a concept with really big potential and also a concept like in the real World. Nearly every single engine from SpaceX, over Roscosmos and Arianespace get improved and upgraded. For example SpaceX first Falcon rocket used 9 Merlin 1C engines but these engines got tested and tested so they got improved today there is a new Merlin engine out called 1D with more efficiency and more thrust. Why should this awesome feature not be integrated in Kerbal Space Program? Now just a few examples of our early plans: - We want to make the engine upgrades visual... that means on Level one your engine has simply a nozzel and a few pipes nothing special just a cheap, simple Engine. Now when you achieve level 2 the engine got a upgrade now it has more pipes and some nozzel holders and so on... When you achieve the maximum level of the Engine (level 5, like the Kerbal level system) your engine is fully upgraded, it looks now really heavy and the Nozzel is a bit bigger, there are more pipes now and more details on the engine... - We want to make it like in "reality". (That sounds a bit weared but read my Ideas)... When your engine is on level 1 it has little or no Gimbal. If you level up you Engine the Gimbal increase, too. You can fire the engine on level 1 just one single time. Than on level 2 you can fire the engine 5 times and so on up to engine level 5 unlimited times... Or the thrust, the mass, cost, efficiency(ISP values), fuel consumption... increase with the level of the engine. And how can I upgrade these Engines? I would say you level these engines up the same way like kerbals, but a bit different. - First i would say you need the classic achievements for example: come to a altitude of 10.000 meters, orbit Kerbin, travel interstellar and so on... - Second now the Contracts to test & run a engine would be worth! -and third your engine have run a special amount of time, until you can upgrade the engine. I think this concept has a really huge potential (and I love that concept) All in all it is also a huge improvment in you KSP carreer experience! What do you say about this Idea? Fr3aky Sorry for my bad english...
  2. Congrats on 600 downloads and counting, Kartoffelkuchen I think it is a good time to announce a preview of my texture pack for the SELV mod! Cheers
  3. Sadly that you wasn't able to release the Delta II. but you did a really awesome good-looking model of the Centaur. You become better and better. Keep it up!
  4. Wow! nice mod i looking forward to see the new awesome parts! I really like the models and i think the textures will be awesome, too!
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Make sure that the scale of the part is at 1 Fr3aKy
  7. If you want to know what this pack contains please spend 40 seconds and watch this Video
  8. Da hast du leider recht ich bekomme diese Meldung auch!
  9. I love this old Version of the Atlas
  10. Hey Guys, you heared long time nothing from me that is true But now i am back with amazing News for you Guys! My Mates and I develop a huge Mod project! Take a look!
  11. Hey ho, Good News for you @Dragon01 All parts you want are included! Here are a few Pictures of the coming Ariane 5 with the ATV, sylda, cryogenic upper stage, and more... Fr3aKyHDx
  12. Wow good work! But how do you do such images, are the Rendered? Where do you do this?
  13. Woooow! thanks you very much for the mod and special for the plugin this is exactly what i need thank you! But i think i found i a bug, because i am creating extendable Engines with this mod and want to add HotRockets! Effects but always the effects were visible before i hit 'Activate Engine' here a image!