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  1. Does anyone have a MM patch for it to work with USI Habitat and Greenhouse?
  2. CKAN shows an update but I think something is wrong, since the stated version is "4"
  3. Exactly my opnion. I just don't know currently if the DLC will break my current modded playthrough or not, since it's a bit wonky atm.
  4. Does the newest version also works in 1.4?
  5. Edit: Disregard everything, I'm blind and haven't seen the parts under Experimental Science. I feel dumb. (also Quick Search doesn't work at all)
  6. Hey, even with the latest version installed I still can't research the Malemute rover parts or see in the VAB in career mode, only in sandbox mode. Any suggestions? I have double check every science node and it's not anywhere. It also doesn't list anywhere else in Sandbox mode except in the Rovers category.
  7. Does IR Sequencer ignores Speed and Acceleration that's set on each of the parts?
  8. There they go. It only triggers for Moho, which I just recently visited. Also ignore the contracts you see for "Sweet Station", that's the Minmus base I launched despite it not showing a contract for it. Once I landed, contracts for expanding it started to show up. I wanted contract to build a base on the Mun or Minumus. http://imgur.com/a/urLJQ https://www.mediafire.com/?b7tbw38597cdqmj
  9. I'll try to get it to reproduce, but it seems pretty random since I'm was not exactly trying to cause it. Clearing input locks does solve it, as hitting alt. I'll also try to rebind. It does not happen in stock install, but I'm running 50ish mods. Maybe it's an interaction with some of the mods I have, maybe Action Groups Extended or KAS, I have no idea. I'll try searching.
  10. I'm unable to get to launch surface bases, aren't they part of the pack? It never triggers the "Scout for suitable..." contract, even though it says that all requirements are MET.
  11. It's not a real stuck key, I tested my keyboard. For some weird reason the alt stays up JUST for the EVS and not for anything else, not to the OS nor KSP.
  12. For some reason the vessels are switching even when I'm not holding ALT, anyone knows why? It's really hard to left click stuff =/
  13. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for, didn't know about that manual!
  14. Can someone explain to me what each of the modules does? I suppose they are these, but I needed a confirmation! EL Launchpad: ????? EL Survey Station: ???? EL Target: this is to place a rocket at a certain location after it's built? EL Workshop: this is what helps the rocket to be built? Where the construction happens?
  15. Does the Kontainer have that Logistics capability? Should say something like "range 150m".
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