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  1. I have also had the black screen then CTD. As long as you don't turn on pitch control it's ok.
  2. my mods are: toolbar, ERS, CLS, Contracts Window, Orbital Science, Editor Extensions, Firesplitter, JSI, KAS, Hyperedit, KIS, KW Rocketry, Infernal Robotics, MechJeb, Procedural Fairings, SCANSat, Science Alert, TAC Fuel Balancer, TweakScale and Universal Storage. ModuleManager 2.6.6 is installed. I don't know why it's doing it either. If it showed up under the Pods parts list I could maybe understand. I'll see if it does it again.
  3. I guess I'm the only one who plays Career Mode and I ran into a problem. The Rescue mission put up the ERS crew module for rescue but there isn't any way to exit it. I'll have to go edit the save file to change it to a pod or something. Can you make the part ineligible for the rescue missions? Thanks Alex and I love the mod. edit: Had to delete the vessel and contract. To much effort to change it.
  4. Love the mod but I've run into a problem and couldn't find an answer. I have a Survey Kerbin contract and can complete everything but Multi Spectral Analysis Data from low orbit above Kerbin. Let the Multispectral run for a few days at 80km with an incidence of 79.73 (in preparation to going up to 498km to be at the correct scanning altitude for the multi). Recorded 27 sci points worth of data. Tried sending from orbit. Didn't trigger the completion of that portion of the contract. So I saved the analysed data and recovered the probe. Still no completion. So what (if anything) am I doing wrong? Thanks! EDIT: Ok I tried again using the DMagic Multi not the SCANSat Multi (der!) @ 125km equatorial orbit. I had to do the Log Imaging Data choice for it to complete. Testing with the SCANSat Multi module next. Ok I'm the idiot here obviously. Does NOT work with the SCANSat Multi does with the DMagic Multi but is somewhat ambiguous in that it asks for Analysis Data when what is wants is Log Imaging Data.
  5. Magnetometer Boom not working in 0.24.2. Can't deploy. Neither US or reg can be deployed. Neither in x32 or x64. Using biomes, proc fairings, kw rocketry, infernal robotics, modmanager 2.2, FAR, MechJEB2, ScanSAT, US, Lazor, Editor Extensions. All are 24.2 versions. Probably something simple. Love the mod! Disregard!!! Had an old DMagic.dll hiding in the ksp\plugins folder. Working good now. Sorry.
  6. That so covers it for me too! TYVM sirkut for the work you have done so far!!!