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  1. If it's not taken, could I get my name changed to LvL? Thanks.
  2. Sugar. Because who doesn't like sugar? C12H22O11 Love that formula too
  3. Hey guys, how's the cubesat going?
  4. Lovely cockpit and unique propeller design, I like it! I'd give you some more rep if I could, but "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Mad Rocket Scientist again."
  5. Lovely replica Rune! Love the lander, by the way.
  6. Hi dodgey, you embed by Placing the end of the imgur link in [ imgur ] in front of it, and [ /imgur ] behind it (with the brackets on the text). the end of your link is 9JOfF. So the result should be [ imgur ] 9JOfF [ /imgur ] putting the brackets on:
  7. The F-86 Sabre is here to strike down those puny MiGs in the name of almighty America!!!
  8. Hey guys! I'm back from holidays! and now in high school! I'm getting a computer/tablet on thursday and I might be able to help with designing and engineering stuff because it's going to have stuff like photoshop, 3D editors, and all that cool stuff!
  9. lol, nice craft, but do I see any similarities between our names??? | | ˘
  10. don't worry, it doesn't add a new part that other people have to download, it just an IVA
  11. Might want to get this thread moved to the rocket builders, but nice SSTO!
  12. How much delta-V does the Locomotive II have by itself?
  13. How much delta-v does it have?
  14. Nice! I might actually download these crafts! (quite a wonderful achievement)
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