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  1. Perhaps a compromise, a surface attached adaptor with a single stacknode? Similar to the Radial Surface Attachment from stock?
  2. I've used a minor hack-together for my crafts at the KSC (boats and seaplanes). You attach a ground pylon at shore with a winch or connector, which you then connect to the vessel. I've modified the winch to hold 200m cable tho. I set "maxLinkLength = 50" to 200. You can also use a groundpylon, with an uncontrolled IR hinge or rotatron to make kind of a pontoon-style floating mooring dock. Then it will keep it's distance from shore as well. I find empty rockomax tanks or the Karibou rover from MKS make for excellent floating devices.
  3. Just as another input, i usually use the stock girders as they fit snug with non-resized IR-parts (the extendatrons etc). I often use the round-to-square to elevate the start of the crane when mounted to a rover flatbed. This way you can use all ir in crane, plus attachement as winch without bumpung into the flatbed. I do miss an attachment node on the girders tho, either middle or top/bottom. I'll make a mockup rover in a little bit.
  4. I have used Flextubes in place of the MKS flex-o-tubes dependancy on the recently changed KAS pipes.
  5. While i semi-agree with you that referencing to another mod in a different thread should be avoided, i was only providing an answer regarding to domes as they (currently) are missing from MKS. Personally i use parts and bits of many different mods as very few of them have all the parts i find interesting. For example, another mod have self-leveling landing legs, while i need to adjust the legs on the cradle in MKS by eye. Another mod have very good trusses for stationbuilding and matches good with the tundra modules from MKS. I use GC for pre-made kickstarter bases and EL for building extensions and the compressable welding docking ports from Konstruktion to put it all together. I know RoverDude has put alot of work into this, and i admire this and all other modders who spend their free time maintaining their work as well.
  6. I wonder if i may be so bold as to request in a future update a new part (or two actually). The cargo ramp from both Buffalo and Bison Gondola Cargo ramp. That would allow for loading wheeled utilities and other smaller rovers on site that are taller then the alotted space in the cargo containers. --Managed to pull out the ramp from SXT Continued. I used from both the Buffalo and the Heisenburg pack. I've used the chassi to extend the fladbeds to allow for loading of wide or larger wheeled or tracked rovers. As per images: I made something similar in the wayback with LLL; And if i havent already said so, these mods are awesome. EDIT: I'm working on extracting just the ramp-part from SXT. If there is interest, i could put up a download link if anyone else is interested. EDIT2: Got the ramp separated (i think without kraken visiting). Side ramp for small stuff, large ramp in the rear with platform to store stuff and space for some additional modules too. Ohh, and a small demonstration on how to launch stuff into water from land. It has a decoupler on a long chassi. Works with a dockingport as well
  7. It has some nice structures similar to the Martians Hab
  8. Yes. They are used in EL only as far as i know. MKS use Material and SpelcialKits. In the past there used to be recepts that would make EL use the material and specialkits from MKS for all construction.
  9. The Flex-o-tube from MKS is the old kas-pipe in disguise. I remember somewhere in a mks-thread that is was discussed with the beginning of the new kas development a good while ago.
  10. This is the code-snipplet i used in 1.3.1 as i had problems with the IR grasper foot as well as weak magnets. I made a textfile in; GameData/ZOwnMods/my-mm-mods.cfg I believe these are the value you should be looking for in KAS1.1 with HW-80, \GameData\KAS\Parts\Winch2\part.cfg The "breakingForce" and "breakingTorque" (for the winch) as well as "linkBreakForce" (for the connector) And now: SAFTEY NOTICE: I'm not all very familiar with the newest KAS. The first snipplets is from my modded IR/pre-KAS0.6 in 1.3.1 and modifies the breaking values as the joints of my IR-crane simply broke almost at any loads. But as with all modulemanager configs, it will tell you if something is wrong. I use the current KAS in 1.6.1 withou any (obvius for my usage) problems. It just tells abit about version mismatch, but still works. EDIT: Link to posts which led me to breaking joints solution in IR-thread. Just for reference from above code origins.
  11. I have used both in the past, and they both have their merits. With GC2 you can build DIY-kits offworld, as it was a huge missing feature compared to EPL's runway/launchpads for offworld building. For visuals, i personally dont put too much into it as i focus mainly on functions. I use both myself. GC for "simulated 3d-printed complete/whole buildings in a box" and EPL for crafts, rockets, rovers. "Simulated by having scrapyards and workshops/scrapheap challenge-style" Building and adding to existing buildings/stations. It's' easy to build a shake-n-bake starter colony in a DIYbox delivered alongside a small workshop/constuctionmodule and some resources. Using MKS/USI logistics you can haul large resources between planets from forward outposts and miningsites.
  12. With KIS, I had trouble grabbing some of the larger hab-modules from MKS due to the reach-limit of kerbals (or rather the diameter of the modules). I had cranes and flatbeds on site so i simulated using them as well. I also had a small akita rover with commandseats on a platform for collaborations from more kerbals to increase total liftable mass. I used this snipplet to slightly increase reach and liftstrength of the kerbals. Caution: This was in the 1.3.1 KSP tho. If KIS configs have changed, the code in spoiler wont work. Hope this might help someone else that have the same reaching troubles.
  13. To attach mew parts you need KIS. Also, which screwdriver are you using ?