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  1. This may be true but since Squad ISN'T in charge of making the port to consoles OF COURSE *they* (Squad) have no plans for mouse and keyboard! Perhaps you should contact BlitWorks or Private Division, who are in charge of the port, before making such claims. I'll save you time. I already did: MOUSE & KEYBOARD ARE NOT OUT. [snip]
  2. So, controller mapping seems to be one issue for the console release of Kerbal Space Program. This post will collate control mapping options, please post as you find them and figure things out. I'll update the OP as a master list. Look Inversion - My brain hurts when things are flipped. On Xbox One you might find the Xbox Accessories app useful. You have options to invert the look inversion of either thumbstick Y axis. (note: this will change it in all game modes including the VAB ans SPH) Button Mapping - Careful what you wish for. The same Xbox Accessories app on the One also has the option to remap any button on your controller. Of course, if you think about it just for a few seconds you'll realize this is virtually useless in this case ('cause you can't map buttons based on specific game modes ). Unlisted Controls already Mapped! Editor Controls (VAB/SPH) Duplicate part(s) Highlight part then Hold Right Bumper + Press A That's what I've found so far, please add to it, Cheers!
  3. YES! That worked great for me. Now my flight controls are correct! Now I'm REALLY missing duplication in the editor(s). It's fine at first but when you start making larger craft... EDIT: On the xBone: Cursor-over part you wish to duplicate then hold right bumper + hold X + press A !!
  4. Yes, this is a direct port MORE than a console version (for the most part) but I can deal with all of that, its the look inversion that gets me. I can move windows all day, but I can't rewire my brain! The controls are a big learning curve but I don't think that is because the porters are dumb. There is just a bunch load of controls, obviously more things to click then there are buttons on the controller... thus, modifiers. On the GUI, I agree that a simple port isn't quite conducive to the consoles versions. BUT WOULD BE FINE is they simply lowered the scale. In the PC version I had the GUI as small as possible. Also, on the anti-aliasing I agree. It's been a minute since I've played a game without out it, pretty edgy for sure. But as far as not being able to read the flags, I have a six-year-old 24" and I have no problems reading anything. As I really want look inversion but perhaps time would be better spent hounding phil spencer to finalize the Mouse & Keyboard support for the One! Kerbal would be a great game to beta for this I think.
  5. 2nd that. If only one thing made it to the next update please make it an option for look inversion (independently for both axes (x,y) in both editor(s) and flight)! Please please please. My brain already hurts.
  6. On an aside, did anyone notice the misspelling of the word "The" in the console launch trailer @0:28 "DICE 2016 Strategy/Simulation Game of hte Year Finalist" Cheers!
  7. Can't wait! I have KSP on PC, sure. But why would I want it for console (xb1)? Simple. For friends. I have many friends that I'd love for them to play something like KSP but they are console freaks. All of their rationalizations and justifications are in the opposite direction for games. (i.e. 'why would anyone spend $1,000 on a PC when you could get a console for $400?') Of course, I'd love a multiplayer component (not planned, I know) for the consoles as they are built for multiplayer interaction (party chat, community, etc.). In any case, the worst thing I can think of about KSP on consoles is that I have to wait another hour for the download
  8. You might enjoy this for all your action group needs with this amazing mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/67235-105dec2515-action-groups-extended-250-action-groups-in-flight-editing-now-kosremotetech/ Cheers!
  9. Friendly reminder, this would be so next-level awesome! ...Thx for the 1.0.5 update btw
  10. Thank you FW Indstries for this great mod. I've been looking for something like this for years now! ...and on that same line of thinking, do you think it would be possible to have the WSADcamera in the internal of ships? Technically its an EVA but there has to be a way to detach the camera and set it free to roam the internals of the KSP crew parts. This is the ONE aspect of KSP-cinematic's that is missing! This would be a logical step I think for this mod (if at all possible, of course). In any case, I appreciate your efforts on this greatâ€â€and fundamentally usefulâ€â€mod. -Evitable
  11. Pink parts now fixed, get the v0.151 update (here - https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/700/Scatterer/download/0.151) and stop spamming the same bug report people!
  12. Awesome! I know nothing about coding but maybe what I found will help OUR endeavor... http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Module_code_examples#Creating_a_GUI_Window_and_Button
  13. Great Mod, thx! I realize this might be out there but is there anyway to get camera views in a pop-up or PIP type of moveable and scalable window? So we'd be able to see multiple views at once! I play across three screens and have plenty of room to put a couple of camera views on the sides. You could go so far with this, imagine, viewing images from your 3d-camera on your rover like your eyes, positioned side-by-side. For that matter also include a secondary mode for viewing in a single frame both the left and right images combined into the classic red/blue 3d for glasses!. DO IT! Regardless, thank you again for what you've done.
  14. Romfarer you must come back and give this AWESOME mod an update for 1.0 now that KSP is officially released! PS - I'm big on cameras... And it is the case that your mod is the ONLY one that does cameras in their own pop-up windows! This is important to me because I want a 3D camera on my rovers. So, in the past, I used your mod and just placed two cameras side-by-side on a Infernal Robotics dockingwasher (for pan control) then open both cameras at the same time and placed their windows next to each other for a simulated 3D camera! It would be awesome, if it is easy enough, to add on another camera (a 3D camera) to the mix with results as described above with two windows (one for each "eye"). In any case, this is a great mod that I hope doesn't die.
  15. The current version of Editor Extensions (v2.5) for KSP v.90 DOES work with the new, full release of KSP v1.0 !
  16. Same here. Every IR part now translates in the opposite direction! The 'invert' option only changes which button (left or right) starts the translation, not changing the translation itself. In other words for example, take the Adjustable Rail that has a base (bottom) and extends in a single direction (up). Now the Adjustable Rail extends in the opposite direction, 'down' through its 'base/bottom'. I've tested it out not only on an existing craft, but also testing the part by itself. Additionally, I tried both of these options with other mods and also on a clean install. In all scenarios, the behavior is consistent. I've got a bad-ass rover ready to be released I've been working on since 0.21 that requires Infernal Robotics. It contains over twenty (20) groups with about sixty (60) IR parts alone. These cover a range of features like 'Stability Mode' that goes between 'Low-Rider' and 'Mud-Slinger'. From something simple like a 'Seat Extension' and 'Height Adjustable Docking Ports' to more complex things like 'Thrust Rotation' and many 'Hull Reconfiguration Modes'. Endless Possibilities made possible by Infernal Robotics.