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  1. I made it using a single burn, some very complex gravitational assists, and a ton of torodial tanks to keep the kerbals alive at the end! I hope i still have those pics of it!
  2. Is there a craft file for some of the starlifter versions somewhere?
  3. Is there a craft file of the starlifter somewherE?
  4. When will the next update come out, all your youtube vids are getting me crazy excited, spec if the radar debug is built in as a seperate system
  5. I got a hp sleekbook, i5 1.7gh. that's the true meaning of PotatOS, Not even just a plain potato, a psycopathic one!
  6. and celebrating with a few more rocket launches Derping around...
  7. In the KISS (Kerbal international space fart) PotatOS taking over your...
  8. with a "skipper" rocket engine Planting a flag
  9. Trying to use a NERVA to get to orbit eating
  10. about the next rocket with a slightly lower chance of exploding derping
  11. On kerbin. Collecting science
  12. In an eva suit on the mun. Drinking
  13. With miniature SRB's Making fireworks on the 4th of Kerbly
  14. Using MOAR STRuTS and Duck Tapes Cooking a burger